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Public Participation Plan

Sharing the Voice of the Community

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The Memphis MPO recognizes that an effective participation process is a vital element in the development and implementation of transportation plans and programs.  The Memphis MPO’s Public Participation Plan (PPP) encourages the entire community to participate in developing feasible alternatives and encourages community leaders to support the regional transportation network. The process also increases public awareness of transportation services and programs.

The PPP essentially acts as a handbook that outlines the Memphis MPO’s public participation methods, strategies for public engagement and outreach, and state and Federal regulations regarding public participation. In this way, the PPP guides how the MPO conducts most of its projects and interacts with the public.

2014 Public Participation Plan

The Memphis MPO’s Public Participation Plan was developed in consultation with all interested parties. The plan was developed in coordination with the statewide transportation planning public involvement and consultation process. It ensures that all interested parties have reasonable opportunities to comment on the contents of Memphis MPO plans and documents.

The Public Participation Plan is a resource document that guides public participation for all Memphis MPO activities and events. The current Memphis MPO Public Participation Plan was adopted by the Transportation Policy Board on November 20, 2014.

2014 PPP: Adopted November 20, 2014

Executive Summary

Executive Summary (En Espanol)

The Memphis MPO has begun the process of updating the Public Participation Plan. As part of the update process, please provide any comments on the current 2014 PPP to either Pragati Srivastava or the Memphis MPO offices at (901)-636-7190.

Outreach and Tracking

Following the adoption of the 2014 Public Participation Plan, the Memphis MPO began tracking outreach efforts and developed the Annual Outreach Report. The Annual Report provided a quick snapshot on the outreach efforts conducted by MPO Staff in the last calendar year. Beginning in 2017 the State of the MPO Report replaced the Annual Outreach Report. The State of the MPO Report provides a broader look at the activities performed; engagement efforts, project milestones, and year-over-year comparisons.

State of the MPO Reports (2017 - Present)

2018 State of the MPO Report

Reporte 2018 del Estado de la MPO

2017 State of the MPO Report

Reporte 2017 del Estado de la MPO

Annual Outreach Reports (2014-2016)

2016 Annual Outreach Report

Reporte 2016 de Alcance Anual

2015 Annual Outreach Report

Reporte 2015 de Alcance Anual

2014 Annual Outreach Report



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