Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC)

Active Transportation Advisory Committee Membership & Responsibilities

The Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) provides a forum for promoting the MPO’s goals by bringing all modes of transportation into a larger discussion of the region’s livability. The ATAC advises and assists the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) on the MPO’s planning process related to bicycle and pedestrian travel, transit and public transportation, accessibility, transportation safety and community outreach efforts, based on input from a broad group of representatives from the regional community.

The Chairperson of this Committee is the Memphis MPO’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, and its membership includes technical staff, general residents, advocacy groups, academic groups, transit providers, trails groups, business community, and health care providers.

To access agendas and meeting minutes for the Active Transportation Advisory Committee, please visit the Minutes & Agendas Webpage.

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