Freight Advisory Committee (FAC)

Freight Advisory Committee Membership & Responsibilities

The Freight Advisory Committee (FAC) advises, educates and recommends to the MPO and the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) transportation strategies that will aid in the efficient movement of freight in and around the Memphis MPO region. This committee is intended to enhance the MPO’s plans to expand on current freight transportation planning efforts and provide ongoing guidance that addresses new developments and trends in goods movement utilizing road, rail, air, and water. The committee will provide a forum to increase collaboration between the public and private sectors regarding freight matters which further the economic growth of the region while maintaining a good quality of life.

The Chairperson of this Committee is elected from the TPB and the Vice-Chairperson is a private sector stakeholder. The FAC is comprised of representatives of the major providers of multi-modal freight movement in the region and the users of those modes of transportation. 

To access agendas and meeting minutes for the Freight Advisory Committee, please visit the Minutes & Agendas Webpage.

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