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The MPO’s regional transportation planning process encompasses all modes of transportation, and includes drivers, freight providers, transit users, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  The whole purpose is to promote public private partnerships in transportation to impact economic development and environmental improvements.

Active Transportation

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is intended to identify the opportunities for enhancing bicycle and pedestrian travel within the Memphis MPO region. The Bike Ped Plan also serves as the bicycle and pedestrian component of the MPO’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

Transit Planning

Part of the MPO’s role in the region is to plan for and promote public transit facilities and specialized transportation to connect individuals to their community and region. Public transportation in the Memphis region includes various modes, such as van pool services, paratransit for senior citizens and people with disabilities, trolleys, local and express bus service, and water taxis.

Freight Planning

The Tri-state Region of the Memphis Metropolitan Area is a major transportation and logistics center, which includes the States of Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. With such a heavy concentration of freight, it comes as no surprise that freight plays a very important role in the region’s economy, with almost 30% of the employment concentrated in the transportation and warehousing sector.

In an effort to address this issue, the Memphis MPO has committed to making freight an integral part of the transportation planning process, and has convened a Freight Advisory Committee to provide guidance and input.



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