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Regional Transportation Plan (RTP): LIVABILITY 2040

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In August, the Memphis MPO officially kicked off the development of its new Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The Regional Transportation Plan, entitled "Livability 2040," is a fiscally constrained document with a twenty year horizon that guides the decision-making process regarding the selection and implementation of transportation projects in the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Area. The RTP will be completed by early 2016 and will include a list of projects for implementation that outline the long-range and short-range actions that support an integrated and multimodal transportation system for the effective and efficient movement of people and goods.


Livability 2040 seeks to enhance not just the physical infrastructure of the region but also environmental sustainability and social capital by implementing such projects as complete streets, greenways or non-motorized trails, cycle tracks, storm water management and the analysis of land use adjacent to livability corridors to better support transit, a diverse housing stock and increase opportunities for walkability.


In the September newsletter of the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Memphis MPO was featured for its release of three videos featuring MPO Board Members throughout the region discussing Livability in the Greater Memphis Region and highlighting how we can tie the location of transportation to jobs, affordable housing, schools and safer streets. You can view these videos at: http://www.livability2040.com/contact-media/


To help support the development of the RTP and better educate the community regarding the progress of the plan, the MPO has created the website: www.Livability2040.com

and encourages members of the community to visit the website and become involved as the Regional Transportation Plan moves forward. 


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Public Input for LIVABILITY 2040 using Community Remarks

public input and community remarks

A public input feature of the www.Livability2040.com

website that the Memphis MPO is especially excited about is entitled "Community Remarks." Because public participation will play an integral role in the RTP's development, it was important to have a feature on the website that can be accessed on computers and mobile devices where citizens can post location-based comments and photographs. Using GPS or interactive maps, users can post pictures, tag locations, and comment on others' posts.

Some of the categories within Community Remarks include Pedestrian Improvements, Traffic Calming and Safety Issues, Transit Stop Improvements, Street Connectivity Issues, Bicycling Improvements and much more. The Memphis MPO will assess and categorize each submission in order to analyze general themes regarding the needs and desires of the public related to the transportation network. Community Remarks can be accessed at the following link: http://www.livability2040.com/interact/

In addition to the Community Remarks page, the Memphis MPO has created an online survey to help with the development of goals and objectives for the RTP and to assist us in identifying major problems or concerns regarding the regional transportation system. Please take the survey at the below link: 


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RTP LIVABILITY 2040 Public Meetings

invitation to participate

Throughout the process of developing the LIVABILITY 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, the MPO will be holding public meetings within the region. The Memphis MPO will be holding its first 6 meetings the week of September 22nd, starting on September 23rd in DeSoto County. All meeting locations and times can be found at www.Livability2040.com. The postcard above highlights upcoming meetings for the week of September the 22nd. 

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A Land Use Model for the Mid-South


regional map and borders  

Having a model to predict future land use patterns in the region is essential to understanding the transportation demands that will be placed on the multi-modal network in the years to come. Recognizing this connection, the MPO is well underway with an update to its Land Use Model. The Land Use Model, which covers eight counties within the Greater Memphis region, is being developed with guidance from the MPO's Planning and Land Use Advisory Committee and will project future development and re-development  The horizon year for the model is 2040 and will therefore help planners and engineers understand future travel patterns based on urban form.


The updated Land Use Model will be integrated into the MPO's Travel Demand Model to give planners a better sense of where people will live and work and how they will travel in order to better support a transportation system that moves people in a way that is efficient, comfortable and sustainable. Both the development of the Land Use Model and its integration into the Transportation Demand Model will be prerequisites to the development of the Regional Transportation Plan and the resulting prioritization of multimodal projects. The Land Use Model is expected to be completed by late October.

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A Plan to Guide Public Participation 


Public Participation plays a fundamental role in the transportation planning process. All of us in the Greater Memphis Region rely on roadways, transit, sidewalks and bike lanes for our mobility and therefore, have an opportunity to provide input to the Memphis MPO about new projects, the development of plans or the existing maintenance of regional infrastructure.


The Public Participation Plan (PPP) guides this participatory process and is currently under development with an expected draft to be released to the public for review by late September. Members of the public will have 45 days to review and comment on the PPP and all comments will be reviewed by the MPO and included in the Appendix of the final document.


The PPP essentially acts as a handbook that outlines the Memphis MPO's public participation methods, strategies for public engagement and outreach, and State and Federal regulations regarding public participation. In October, the MPO will hold two public meetings to detail improvements to the PPP and solicit feedback to ensure we have a great plan to guide public involvement in the years to come. For more information on the Public Participation Plan, please visit the 'Plans' section of the MPO website.


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MPO Recognizes Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy

  Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy recognition


The Memphis MPO was pleased to award Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy with a Certificate of Recognition for her 10 plus years of service on the Transportation Policy Board of the MPO. Mayor Goldsworthy was recognized for her outstanding commitment and invaluable contributions to public service and regional cooperation while on the MPO Board and we extend our sincere gratitude for her years of leadership and devotion to Germantown and the Greater Memphis Region.

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CMAQ Grants for the Memphis-Shelby County Area

  CMAQ Grants for Memphis Shelby County Area

Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer was in Memphis on the 21st of August to announce the awarding of Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvements (CMAQ) grants to several organizations in the Memphis Area. The following day, the TDOT Commissioner announced the awarding of grants for 11 communities across the state of Tennessee totaling $27 million dollars. The CMAQ Program funds multi-modal transportation projects that reduce congestion and reduce harmful air emissions from surface and non-road sources.

Memphis Area grants included:

  • City of Memphis- Traffic Signal Equipment Replacement
  • City of Memphis- The Main to Main Multimodal Connector Program
  • Memphis Area Transit Authority- Agricenter Park-and-Ride
  • Memphis Area Transit Authority- Greenline Park-and-Ride
  • Memphis Area Transit Authority- Route 34 Express
  • Memphis Area Transit Authority- I-40 Corridor Circulator
  • Memphis Area Transit Authority- Shelby Farms Shuttle
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The MPO's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Presentation 


Following a whirlwind tour of the Memphis MPO area over the summer, the 2014 Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is nearing the final steps of its development. In all, MPO staff conducted 15 public input meetings during July and August in almost every municipality within the MPO's boundaries. Local media covered the plan update with multiple on-air and print stories. Towards the end of this phase in the project's development, planners began an analysis of the wealth of data collected through the meetings and various other sources. As of September, MPO staff is writing the plan document and finalizing the data analysis. One last public input meeting will be held in October and will allow the public an opportunity to review the draft plan before its scheduled adoption in November. That meeting will be held as follows:



Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Public Input Meeting

October 7, 2014

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library

3030 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111

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MPO Planners on the Move
Education, Outreach & Events

Memphis MPO participated in the following activities:



July 7: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Southaven

July 8:MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Frayser

July 8: Intelligent Transportation Systems Workshop

July 8: Transportation Incident Management Assessment Meeting

July 9: Transportation Demand Model Working Meeting

July 10: Model Users Group in Little Rock

July 10: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Arlington

July 11: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Piperton

July 14: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Oakland

July 15: MATA Board Meeting

July 15: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Collierville

July16: Webinar: Freight Advanced Traveler Information System (FRATIS)

July 17: Mississippi Freight Advisory Meeting with MDOT

July 22: Webinar: Sustainable Freight Systems

July 22: Webinar Livability and Level of Service

July 22: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Lakeland

July 23: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Horn Lake

July 24: TDOT Training Local Programming

July 28: MATA Board Meeting

July 28: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Millington

July 29: Active Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting

July 29: MATA Midtown Alternatives Analysis Public Meeting

July 30: Webinar: ITS Architecture Use and Maintenance

July 30: Webinar: Scenario Planning Applications for Freight Transportation

July 30: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Bartlett

July 31: TDOT- Tennessee Extreme Weather and Transportation Adaptation

July 31: Planning and Land Use Advisory Committee Meeting



August 4: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Central Library

August 6: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Hickory Hill

August 7: Kick-off with Consultants of Livability 2040: Regional Transportation Plan

August 7: Engineering and Technical Committee Meeting

August 7: MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian meeting in Cordova

August 14: Webinar: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking by FHWA

August 21: Transportation Policy Board Meeting

August 22: Freight Committee Meeting in Nashville

August 22: Strategies for Increasing Community Engagement in Planning Discussion

August 22: Robert's Rule of Order 101

August 25: Mississippi TIP Project Meeting

August 25: MATA Board Meeting



September 4: Planning and Land Use Advisory Committee Meeting

September 10: Title VI Compliance Training

September 11: Webinar: Scenario Planning Applications for Freight Transportation

September 15: Regional Transportation Plan Committee Meeting

September 17-18: TDOT Region 4 Tour

September 18-19: MDOT Quarterly Meeting 


MPO Quarterly Newsletter
Volume V, Issue III
September 2014
In This Issue
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MPO Projects
& Tasks

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Congestion Management Process (CMP) Update

2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Mid-South Household Travel Survey


Travel Demand Model Update (TDM)

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture and Deployment Plan Update

Freight Stakeholder Survey
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Interest Groups include:

Air Quality
Bicycle and Pedestrian
Long Range Planning
Public Participation

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MPO Staff

Pragati Srivastava

Sajid Hossain
Transportation Planner

Kate Horton
Transportation Planner

Andrew Ray
Transportation Planner

Mitchell Lloyd
Transportation Planner

Kwasi Agyakwa
Transportation Planner

Nicholas Oyler
Transportation Planner

Peter Jenkins
Transportation Planner

Kyle Wagenschutz
Bike Pedestrian Coordinator

Notimba Brooks
Grants Coordinator

Linda Lawrence
Administrative Tech

Ann Deberry
Administrative Assistant

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MPO Calendar
(October through December, 2014)
fall calendar
*Meetings will be held at 1:30 p.m. at the UT Health Sciences Ctr. -Student Alumni Bldg., 800 Madison Ave.

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