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Lamar Avenue (US-78/SR-4) awarded INFRA Grant!

18-wheelers on the road
An essential corridor improvement project for the entire region has been awarded a $71.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) as part of the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) Program. Memphis’s Lamar Avenue (US-78/SR-4) was one of 26 projects selected from 235 communities, and the only one in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and the Memphis MPO submitted a joint application for the corridor for roadway repairs and capacity upgrades. Truly a collaborative effort, individuals and agencies from across state lines and from public and private interests were involved in supporting this project.

A regional priority for years, and highlighted in the Greater Memphis Regional Freight Plan, the improvements to the corridor include widening the roadway from 4 to 6 lanes and upgrading three intersections. With over 70,000 employees and 1,300 companies in the project area, these improvements will reduce congestion, increase capacity, and ultimately ensure Lamar Avenue and Memphis will continue to play an integral role in the nation’s freight network.

Thank you to all who helped make this application a winner!
#Livability2050 RTP
You've Spoken!
Bartlett Public Meeting: Participants place sticker on a map of the region showing where they live, work, and play.
Memphis Public Meeting - MATA Airways Transit Center: Participants seated auditorium style listen to a presentation and question and answer session.
Byhalia Public Meeting: Participants place stickers on a map of the region showing where transportation improvements are needed.
Hernando Public Meeting: Participants place stickers on a map of the region where transportation improvements are needed.
Oakland Public Meeting: Participants place stickers on a map of the region where transportation improvements are needed.
Memphis Public Meeting - Orange Mound Community Center: Participants seated auditorium style answer survey questions using live polling clickers.
Memphis MPO Staff have compiled the public engagement results from the first round of public outreach, which included 350+ MetroQuest Surveys and 75 Public Workshop Attendees! Additionally, 700+ Map Markers (Image Below) were placed using the online interactive map tool, ranging from Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvements to Transit & Safety Improvements!
Map from the MetroQuest survey showing all the markers placed where the public indicated transportation improvements (bicycle, pedestrian, freight, roadway, safety, and transit) are needed.
Safe Roadways and Well-Maintained Infrastructure were the most valued by respondents, showing that System Preservation remains a priority for residents across the Mid-South Region. The three highest-rated Guiding Principles selected from the public survey were:
Increase the safety and security of the transportation system for all users.
Promote an efficient, interconnected, and accessible transportation network that provides various options for the movement of people.
Emphasize the preservation and performance of the exiting transportation system through maintenance, rehabilitation, and system management and operations.
Check out more results from the Public Workshops and a preliminary summary from the Public Survey by visiting the Memphis MPO's Livability 2050: RTP Webpage. And keep a look out for future engagement opportunities by following us on Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , and LinkedIn ! # Livability2050
Cover page of the Memphis MPO's 2017 State of the MPO Report
2017 State of the MPO Report
Following the adoption of the 2014 Public Participation Plan, the Memphis MPO began tracking outreach efforts and developed the Annual Outreach Report.

The State of the MPO Report provides a broader look at the activities performed by the Memphis MPO for the previous calendar year. Activities included in the Report include significant milestones, as well as future projects in the next calendar year.

Going forward, the State of the MPO Report will replace the Annual Outreach Report; providing summaries of outreach, project milestones, and year-over-year comparisons. Copies of this and previous reports can be found on the Memphis MPO’s Public Participation Plan Webpage.
Cover page of the Memphis MPO's 2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Report
2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Report
The 2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Report highlights the strides that have been made by the agencies of the Memphis MPO to implement the 2014 Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan's recommendations. 

The report includes bicycle and pedestrian awareness and education campaigns, encouragement efforts, planning, and the construction of facilities and amenities.

Additionally, a focus on safety remains a priority, so the Memphis MPO worked with the Tennessee and Mississippi Departments of Transportation to analyze bicycle and pedestrian crash data for the region from the most recent four consecutive years (2014-2017).

You can find a copy of the report on the Memphis MPO's Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Webpage.
Bike share rolled into Germantown as the city launched a program making rentals available from two locations: the Germantown Athletic Club and Cameron Brown Park.

Interstate 269, the nation's newest transportation corridor, is expected to open this fall — specifically during the time frame of September through November with a targeted date of Sept. 20 eyed by MDOT officials.

Memphis and Shelby County is one of 10 areas selected to participate in the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Drone Integration Pilot Program.

Explore Bike Share launched May 23rd with a celebration touting the health, recreation, transportation and community-building benefits of 600 rental bikes stationed from West Memphis to Orange Mound.
MPO Planners on the Move
Memphis MPO team framed in 'love'.
2018 TDOT MPO Conference
Memphis MPO team
Big Roll Out - Explore Bike Share Launch
Close up shot of the 2018 TN Bike Walk Summit tote bag
2018 Tennessee Bike Walk Summit
7: Webinar- Bike Ped Portal
8 : MPO IAC Conference Call
12 : Webinar - AMPO Public Involvement Working Group
14 : Webinar - Pushing Boundaries
20 : Webinar - TDOT
Performance Measures (Overview)
20 : Webinar - Public Involvement for LRTPs
27 : Webinar - Gaining Insights from Freight Data
27 : MATA Board Meeting
3 : Webinar - CTPP Small Geography
4 : I-40 Corridor Working Group Meeting
9 : MPO CMAQ PHED Target Conference Call
10 : Webinar - TDOT Performance Measures (PM2)
11 : Inland Port Community Resilience Roadmap
11 : Statewide IAC Conference Call
11 : Webinar - Making the Case for Transit
17 : Webinar - TDOT Performance Measures (PM1 + PM3)
17 : Webinar - How TxDOT Engages Beyond Meetings
17 : Active Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting
19 : Engineering and Technical Committee Meeting
19 : Transportation Policy Board Meeting
20 : TN Statewide MPO Conference Call
24 : Webinar - Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity
26 : Webinar - CMAQ Emissions Tool Calculator
26 : MATA Board Meeting
1 : Byhalia Area Chamber Membership Luncheon
7 : Webinar - NPMRDS Quarterly Technical Assistance
8-11 : 2018 TN MPO Planning Conference
15 : Pedestrian Advocacy Council Meeting
15 : Webinar - CUTR
21 : DeSoto County Economic Development Council Infrastructure Committee
22 : Hernando DeSoto River Park's Ribbon Cutting
23 : Explore Bike Share's 'Big Roll Out'
24 : Traffic Signal Users Group
24 : MATA Board Meeting
29 : Webinar - Improving Crossings w/ Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons
30 : Webinar - TDOT Freight Advisory Committee
31 : Regional Transportation Plan Advisory Committee Meeting
31 : Tennessee Model Users Group Meeting
31 : TN Bike Walk Summit
Upcoming Events in 2018:
July 4 : Independence Day (US) - MPO Offices will be Closed
August 2 : Engineering and Technical Committee (ETC) Meeting
August 23 : Transportation Policy Board (TPB) Meeting
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