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The Memphis MPO has won a 2017 FHWA Transportation Planning Excellence Award. Its Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan (CPT-HSTP) as been recognized as one of the ten best transportation planning studies, plans, initiatives, or projects in the nation. The FHWA selects the winners based on seven criteria: community, public involvement, and partnerships; context sensitive solutions; innovation and effectiveness; equity; implementation and implementation strategy; multimodalism; and potential for long-term benefits. The award announcement says that the plan, 

"demonstrates a cooperative and comprehensive effort to establish a process that addresses the transportation needs of disadvantaged populations. The project involves a partnership between three states, two MPOs, and multiple agencies focusing on the needs of the elderly, disabled, and low income populations."

The Memphis MPO's public involvement efforts for the Livability 2040 Regional Transportation Plan have also been named a "notable practice" by the U.S. Department of Transportation. USDOT praised the placement of advertisements both inside and on the back of MATA buses in order to reach a diverse audience. 

Bus Stop Design & Accessibility Guidelines Complete  

bus stop accessibility guidelines

The Memphis Urban Area MPO, in partnership with the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA), has completed the Bus Stop Design & Accessibility Guidelines. The Guidelines are the first step in ensuring MATA bus stops offer the highest comfort and accessibility for residents who ride the bus. The Bus Stop Design & Accessibility Guidelines include:
  • Classification of 4,463 MATA bus stops by trip volume, land use, route type, roadway, and transfer activity
  • Results from the multiple public outreach efforts (stakeholder meetings, public survey, engagement activity)
  • Recommendations for the location of bus stops, based on best practices, ADA requirements, and rider priorities
  • Recommendations for improvements to bus stop elements/features; including seating options, shelters, trash receptacles, clear signage, and lighting
  • Recommendations for an implementation plan and how to prioritize improvements.
More information about the Bus Stop Design & Accessibility Guidelines can be found on the MPO's website, here.

Memphis MPO's Bicycle and Pedestrian Counter Program Update

bike routes  

In 2015, the Memphis Urban Area MPO was selected as one of the ten (10) MPOs nationally to participate in the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Technology Pilot Program. As part of that program, the Memphis MPO purchased three bicycle and three pedestrian counters. In order to test the equipment and counting process, the counters were placed in three locations: Main Street and Adams Avenue, Dunlap Street and Jefferson Avenue, and Humphreys Boulevard and Shady Grove Road. The data collected is shown in the table below:
bike route chart
For more information on the bicycle count program, see here

We look forward to working with member agencies to collect data that will be beneficial for region-wide bicycle and pedestrian planning purposes.  The Bicycle and Pedestrian Counter Program will be presented at the TN Bike Summit on May 18-19, 2017 at the Mud Island River Park. You can find out more information about registration  here
Regional Freight Plan & Critical Urban Freight Corridors

I-40 corridor through Memphis

The Memphis Urban Area MPO is well into the process of creating a comprehensive Regional Freight Plan for the Greater Memphis Region. As "America's Distribution Center," the region plays a critical role in the global supply chain. The Regional Freight Plan will:
  • Provide an overview of the region's freight transportation system and goods movement
  • Identify key issues and challenges to the region's overall freight system as well as strategic freight corridors
  • Assess all modes of freight transportation, such as: Truck, Rail, Pipeline, Waterways, and Air
  • Analyze future threats to economic competitiveness of freight in the region
The Memphis MPO is working closely with a consultant team lead by AECOM, and the plan is on track to be completed by Fall of 2017.

More information about the Regional Freight Plan can be found on the MPO website, here .

In addition to the Regional Freight Plan, the Memphis Urban Area MPO is also in the process of designating its Critical Urban Freight Corridors (CUFCs). These designations are made in compliance with the FAST Act. CUFCs are important freight corridors that provide critical connectivity to the National Highway Freight Network (NHFN) with other ports, public transportation facilities, or other intermodal transportation facilities. By designating these important corridors, States can strategically direct resources toward improved system performance and efficient movement of freight on the NHFN.

FY 2018 Transportation Alternatives (TA) Projects 
Call for Applications 

neighborhood bike path  

In August 2017, the Memphis Urban Area MPO will have a call for applications for the FY 2018 Transportation Alternatives (TA).

The TA program is a federal transportation funding source that includes on and off-road pedestrian and bicycle facilities, infrastructure programs aimed to increase non-driver access to public transportation, transit stop amenities, greenways and trails, and more.  These funds will catalyze the construction of projects meant to address safety and accessibility. The Memphis MPO awards its allocated TA funds through a competitive application process. 

The call for applications will be open to Mississippi and Tennessee MPO member municipalities. MPO staff will score the applications with input from the Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) and a review from the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

Click  here   to find out more about the Transportation Alternatives Program and previously awarded projects. Additional information will be released this summer.

MPO Planners on the Move
Education, Outreach & Events

Memphis MPO Staff have participated in the following activities since February 2017:

7: Tennessee Model Users Group (TNMUG)
17: Bike/Ped Counter Training
21: TDOT Webinar - CMAQ Reporting & Projects
28: Statewide Pedestrian & Bicyclist Focus Education & Enforcement Kick-Off
1: TDOT Stakeholder Meeting - MPO Freight Plan
2: MDOT Stakeholder Meeting - MPO Freight Plan
2:Shelby County Citizen University
9: Memphis 3.0 Plan - Working Group Meeting
14: TDOT West TN Freight Advisory Committee Meeting
16: TRB Webinar - Livable Transit Corridors
22: AASHTO Webinar - Critical Urban Freight Corridors
23: AASHTO Webinar - Expediting Project Delivery
23: Presentation at the Alabama Transportation Planners Association (ATPA) Conference
28: MATA Board Meeting
7: Memphis 3.0 Plan - Working Group Meeting
11: ATAC meeting
18-19: Panelist - Arkansas Transportation Planning Conference
19: MDOT Freight Advisory Committee Meeting
20: Speaker - Gulf Coast Chapter, American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) Meeting
25: MATA Board Meeting
25: Pedestrian Advocacy County Meeting
25: FHWA Webinar - Behind the Numbers
25: FHWA Webinar - ATCMTD Program
27: FHWA Webinar - TSMO Program Plan
27: ULI Region Smart 2017 Summit
Upcoming Events in 2017:
May 18-19: TN Bike Summit
May 19: Bike to Work Day
May 25: TPB Meeting
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