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FY 2017-20 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Now Adopted

FY 2017-20 Transportation Improvement Program

After a year long process, the FY 2017-20 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) was adopted  on August 25, 2016 by the Memphis MPO's Transportation Policy Board (TPB). The TIP is a four-year long, fiscally constrained short-range program that covers the period from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2020. The TIP provides a prioritized list of projects within the Memphis MPO area such as road, transit, resurfacing, signalization, bicycle and pedestrian, and bridge.  The FY 2017-20 TIP is currently undergoing its final rounds of review by the federal agencies, which will conclude by the end of the year.  
You can view the adopted FY 2017-20 TIP on the Memphis MPO website and it can be accessed by clicking here.  During the life of the plan, the TIP can be updated as needed.  

Memphis MPO/MATA Bus Stop Study Update

Bus Stop Design and Accessibility public meeting

Midway in its process, the consultants for the Bus Stop Design and Accessibility Guidelines are undertaking an existing conditions analysis of MATA's bus stops to ensure they offer the highest comfort and accessibility for citizens who ride and wait for the buses. Feedback gathered  for this project identified the need for amenities such as lighting, trashcan, clear signage, covered shelter and safety from passing vehicles, etc. An interactive activity was also conducted which allowed riders to design their own bus stops using a combination of these amenities.
As part of the continuing existing conditions analysis, consultants will conduct field surveys of different types of bus stops currently on the MATA system. This will help illustrate existing conditions and potential improvements that can be made for different types of bus stops. The Bus Stop Design and Accessibility Guidelines will be completed by the end of the year. For further information about this project click here.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Counter Pilot Program Update


In the Summer of 2015, The Memphis MPO was selected to participate in the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Bicycle and Pedestrian Counter Pilot Program.  The Memphis MPO was one of 10 MPOs from around the country to receive this competitive award.  The pilot program consisted of a $20,000 dollar award for the MPO's purchase of technology to count bicyclists and pedestrians at various locations around the MPO Planning Area. As part of the program, the  Memphis MPO will be required to submit a final report to FHWA that contains our general findings.

Coordination with multiple agencies has somewhat lengthened  the process, but the Memphis MPO has officially hired a consultant team lead by Kimley-Horn Associates to help with the implementation of the program. The goal is to have counters in place sometime in the next couple months. The Memphis MPO hopes to gain unique data that will help better inform bike/ped planning throughout the region.
State and MPO Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) is a grant opportunity that awards money to local governments to help fund projects that promote alternative modes of transportation such as walking or biking. This can include anything from putting striping in for bike lines or making sidewalks and ramps for ADA accessibility. 

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is currently in the application process for their statewide TAP program, the last date to apply for TDOT TAP funding is October 3rd 2016. More information about the TDOT TAP can be found here.

The Memphis MPO also has it's own smaller TAP program for the municipalities within the MPO region. The MPO TAP call for applications will start in November 2016. More information about the MPO's TAP can be found here
MPO Planner s on the Move
Education, Outreach & Events

Memphis MPO participated in the following activities during the months of July - September:

12: Freight Advisory Committee Meeting 
12: Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting
14: Freight Plan Stakeholder Meeting 
26: Freight Stakeholder Meeting
26: MATA Board Meeting
27: Freight Stakeholder Meeting 

2: TDOT SHSP Committee Meeting
4: West Memphis Technical Meeting 
4: Engineering and Technical Committee Meeting
9: Annual TIM Assessement Meeting
9: NPMRDS Freight Quarterly Webinar 
11-12: FHWA Target Setting Performance Measures Training 
23: Freight Advisory Committee Meeting
23: Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting
25: Transportation Policy Board Meeting

14: FHWA EJ Tools Peer Network Webinar
20: FHWA Safety Target Setting Webinar
21-22: MDOT Statewide MPO Meeting
27: MATA Board Meeting 
28: TDOT TN SWM Training  

Upcoming Events for 2016:
October 25: Active Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting
November 1: Freight Advisory Committee Meeting   
November 3: Engineering and Technical Committee Meeting
November 17: Transportation Policy Board Meeting
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September 2016
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Engineering Technical Committee (ETC) Meeting: November 3 2016*
Transportation Policy Board (TPB) Meeting: November 17, 2016*

*Meetings will be held at 1:30 p.m. at the UT Health Science Center -Student Alumni Bldg., 800 Madison Avenue, Memphis
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