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Memphis MPO's 

Interactive Web Map

Memphis regional map

The Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) was excited to release its Online Interactive Web Map Application last month. The online map allows users to view federally funded projects from the current Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the current Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Projects are displayed spatially which allows users to click on the points or lines to pull up information such as location, description, lead agency, cost, and more. 


In addition to displaying information about TIP and RTP projects, the Web Map can display information related to transportation infrastructure in the MPO Planning Area. This includes airports, bridges, bus terminals, stops, and routes as well as the functional classification of the roadway system. Additionally, bicycle facilities can be viewed showing existing facilities, programmed facilities, and recommended facilities.


Lastly, the Web Map displays administrative boundaries and also allows users to create their own maps with the available data and print or export these maps via PDF. Users can also download CSV data directly from the website. Click here or on the image above to view and interact with the Memphis MPO's online map.

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2014 Annual Outreach Report


participation efforts charts

As part of the 2014 Public Participation Plan (PPP), the Memphis MPO committed to releasing an Annual Outreach Report, which details a variety of information related to the MPO's outreach efforts and interaction with the public. The Annual Outreach Report showed a significant increase in visits to the MPO's website as well as an impressive bump in people liking and following the MPO on social media.

The success of public outreach does not begin and end with online media access, as the MPO had success with distributing information by print as well. Last year the MPO mailed over 5,300 public meeting postcards to the public in order to reach a broader swath of residents in the Greater Memphis Region, especially those who do not have access to the internet on a regular basis. Lastly, the Annual Outreach Report highlights the variety of surveys that were conducted in 2014 and lists the total number of respondents for each respective survey.

We look forward to continuing to develop our public outreach techniques and methods and look forward to a strong year of engagement, interaction and access to information. Click here or on the image above to view the 2014 Annual Outreach Report.
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LIVABILITY 2040: Regional Transportation Plan Update
livability 2040 logo  

The Memphis MPO is making steady progress with the development of its LIVABILITY 2040: Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). After an initial round of public meetings last summer and meetings with jurisdictions and stakeholders, much of the planning work has begun.


At the MPO's November, Transportation Policy Board (TPB) meeting, the the Goals and Objectives for the RTP were approved. Currently under development is work on the area's existing and future conditions analysis as well as the area's financial revenue projections, which are key to the plan given that the LIVABILITY 2040: RTP is fiscally constrained, meaning that the allocation of funding for transportation projects can not exceed available revenue. Also under development is a SWOT analysis that will help planners better under the area's strengths and weaknesses as well as identify available opportunities and potential threats.


The LIVABILITY 2040: RTP is expected to be adopted in March of 2016 and the MPO will announce when the next round of public meetings will take place this summer. Click here or on the image above to visit the LIVABILITY 2040 website.

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TDOT Multimodal Access Grant Submissions 
rendering of small town living


With half of all trips in the United States three miles or less, good walking, biking, and transit facilities are essential to the continued growth of our towns and cities. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), recognizing that multimodal facilities play an important role in providing transportation choices for people across Tennessee, set aside funds in 2013 for a three year work program (2013-2015) to create a Multimodal Access Grant (MMAG). The grants, which are available up to $950,000, are meant to support the transportation needs of transit users, pedestrians, and bicyclists through infrastructure projects that address existing gaps along state routes and access to transit hubs. Last year, TDOT selected the planned crossing of the Shelby Farms Greenline at Germantown Parkway as a MMAG recipient.


Grant applications were required to be submitted through MPOs to TDOT, and each MPO could submit up to two applications. Following a call for applications and a review of those received, the Memphis MPO submitted one application from the City of Memphis and one from the City of Bartlett. The City of Memphis project involves a Complete Streets retrofit of Union Avenue in between Marshall Avenue and Pauline Street to better accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians. The project would include re-configuring the roadway, widening sidewalks, planting street trees and relocating transit shelters. The City of Bartlett project involves the construction of a sidewalk on the north side of Stage Road where there is currently a gap in sidewalk facilities. The construction of a sidewalk would fill-in this existing gap and provide ADA compliant and continuous sidewalk facilities where a MATA bus route is located. TDOT is expected to announce the grant recipients in May.


Click here to find out more about TDOT's Multimodal Access Grant. 

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Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Jurisdiction Reports
Germantown runners in the park and stats


The 2014 Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan was adopted by the Transportation Policy Board on November 20, 2014. Following this adoption, MPO planners begun preparing jurisdiction reports for each of the MPO's municipal and county members. The idea of the reports is to synthesize pertinent information for a respective jurisdiction from the full plan down to a several page summary. Each report contains brief context on the local jurisdiction, network composite score maps, recommended policies, and lists of recommended projects with their prioritization number. The MPO provided the reports to the respective jurisdictions directly, and has made them available on its website to the general public.  Click here to access the reports on the MPO's website.

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MPO Planners on the Move
Education, Outreach & Events

Memphis MPO participated in the following activities:



December 12: 2040 RTP Meeting- Shelby County

December 15: 2040 RTP Meeting- Memphis

December 16: FY 2014-17 TIP Meeting- DeSoto County

December 17: 2040 RTP Meeting- Germantown and Collierville

December 17: 2040 RTP Meeting- Arlington

December 18: 2040 RTP Meeting- Bartlett and Lakeland

December 19: 2040 RTP Meeting- Port of Memphis



January 8: 2040 RTP Meeting- Fayette County

January 9: 2040 RTP Meeting- MATA

January 13: 2040 RTP Meeting- DeSoto County

January 22: West TN RPO Meeting

January 23: GIS Training

January 26: MATA Board Meeting

January 27: Strong Cities, Strong Communities TDM Meeting



February 4: Engaging Stakeholders in Sustainable Urban Freight Webinar

February 4: Tennessee Statewide IAC Conference Call

February 5: Tennessee Model Users Group

February 5: Engineering and Technical Committee Meeting

February 10: FHWA Understanding Criticality and Sensibility Webinar

February 11: Tennessee Freight Advisory Committee

February 18: Talking Freight Webinar

February 19: Bicycle Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System

February 23: MATA Board Meeting

February 24: Tennessee Strategic Highway Safety Plan Committee Meeting

February 26: Transportation Policy Board Meeting



March 3: FY 2014-17 TIP Meeting- DeSoto County

March 5: FHWA Strategic Agenda for Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Webinar

March 16: Georgia Tech Graduate students meet with MPO

March 18: 2040 RTP Advisory Committee Meeting

March 18: TDOT Bike/Ped Conference Call

March 30: Active Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting

MPO Quarterly Newsletter
Volume VI, Issue I
March 2015
In This Issue
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Did You Know?

It is easy to JOIN THE MPO CONTACT LIST to receive periodic email updates on regional transportation planning and related matters that are important to you.

Simply click here and then select the
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Some of the 
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Long Range Planning
Public Participation
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MPO Staff

Pragati Srivastava

Sajid Hossain
Transportation Planner

Kate Horton
Transportation Planner

Andrew Ray
Transportation Planner

Mitchell Lloyd
Transportation Planner

Kwasi Agyakwa
Transportation Planner

Nicholas Oyler
Transportation Planner/ Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator

Peter Jenkins
Transportation Planner

Linda Lawrence
Administrative Tech

Ann Deberry
Administrative Assistant
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MPO Calendar
(April through June, 2015)

Engineering Technical Committee (ETC) Meeting: April 9, 2015* & June 4, 2015*
Transportation Policy Board (TPB) Meeting: April 30, 2015* & June 25, 2015*

*Meetings will be held at 1:30 p.m. at the UT Health Sciences Ctr. -Student Alumni Bldg., 800 Madison Ave.
spring calendars

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