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Goals & Objectives Approved

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The MPO staff and its consultants have been working hard on the development of the Livability 2040: Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), the long-range transportation plan for the Memphis MPO. After a round of public meetings, stakeholder meetings and data gathering the MPO has developed the Goals and Objectives for the Plan's update. The Goals and Objectives are summarized into 7 broad categories including the following: Infrastructure Condition, Safety, Environment, Land Use, Economic Vitality, Mobility/Accessibility, and Congestion. The Goals and Objectives were approved by the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) at the MPO's last meeting on November 20th, 2014.


Goals and Objectives public meeting

Part of the process to develop the Goals and Objectives involved public meetings and stakeholder meetings throughout the MPO area. Public presentations were given at diverse locations with a variety of stakeholders in the community including Soulsville Academy, Memphis Center for Independent Living and Latino Memphis, in addition to other presentations and one-on-one meetings within the region.

Goals and Objectives public meeting


Adopted and Updated Plans


The November 20th Transportation Policy Board (TPB) Meeting was a productive and fruitful meeting for the Memphis MPO, given that three MPO Plans or Documents were adopted. Below, please find brief descriptions of the Plans that were adopted at that meeting with the associated Plans' cover. Please click on the plan covers to view the document.

public participation plan  


The Public Participation Plan (PPP) provides guidelines on public engagement and outreach related to Memphis MPO activities. The Plan also serves as a guideline detailing how MPO plans go through the local, state and federal review processes and provides clear information about public commentary periods for each MPO plan or study.

prospectus 2014   


The Memphis MPO's Prospectus provides an overview of the MPO and associated transportation planning activities. The Prospectus serves as a resource to help familiarize people to the nature of projects at the MPO, the goals of the MPO, as well as the structural framework in which the MPO functions. The document provides a cross section of plans and studies the MPO produces and presents partner agencies that the MPO coordinates planning activities with.

bicycle and pedestrial plan
The 2014 Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan provides a blueprint for bike/ped improvements in the region. The Plan relies on four main goals to identify methods for improving bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure including Safety, Connectivity, Accessibility and Mode Shift. These goals were used to perform a comprehensive analysis which resulted in a composite map displaying levels of corridor needs, scored from 0 to 100 (with 100 being the highest need) to improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities across the Memphis MPO Region.


ITS Architecture and Deployment plan   


The Memphis Urban Area Regional ITS Architecture Deployment Plan has been updated and provides a long-range plan for the deployment, integration and operations of ITS in the Memphis Urban Area. ITS, which stands for Intelligent Transportation Systems, is the application of electronic technologies and communications used to improve the operation of transportation systems. The ITS update is meant to encourage inter-operability and resource sharing among agencies and allows for cohesive long-range planning among regional stakeholders to improve transportation operations.

Progress on the Congestion Management Process Update

performance measures workshop

Performance Measures Workshop

The Congestion Management Process Update is over half way complete and much has been accomplished since the last Newsletter update. The Steering Committee, including members of the public, held a Performance Measures Workshop to begin brainstorming appropriate measures to track and monitor transportation issues related to reducing congestion and enhancing mobility across all modes.


Congestion Management  Strategy Toolbox

The Consultants for the CMP project also provided the MPO with a strategy toolbox including demand management, operational, multi-modal and strategic methods to alleviate congestion throughout the region. The Strategy Toolbox is a comprehensive list of over 40 tools to improve regional mobility. This document will be shared with governmental agencies around the region and used as a guide to select features that could help improve traffic, bike/ped and transit conditions within both a local and regional context.


Regional Stakeholder Meetings

In order to understand the variety of needs in diverse places throughout the MPO area, the MPO held a round of stakeholder meetings where MPO staff met with planners, engineers and public officials in the MPO area to gather a complete picture of congestion and mobility issues across the region. The information gathered will help the MPO create a more accurate and comprehensive Congestion Management Process that addresses the unique needs of different counties and municipalities in the MPO Planning Area.


Mobility Summit Workshop

The MPO held a Mobility Summit in late October to define issues of mobility and congestion in the region and think about how to improve existing conditions along the 15 Memphis MPO Livability Corridors. The event was a success as the MPO was able to interact with a diverse cross section of the area's residents including visually impaired residents and persons using a wheelchair. We encourage you to read the Mobility Summit Newsletter, by clicking on the Mobility Summit Newsletter cover below.



article featuring the Memphis MPO

Mississippi's 2040 MULTIPLAN:
Join the Planning Team!
multiplan 2040 logo  

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Jackson, Hattiesburg and Gulf Coast MPOs have developed a new online interactive website to enhance public participation and collaboration in regards to their 2040 MULTIPLAN, Mississippi's Unified Long-Range Transportation Infrastructure Plan. 


The site,, is set to go live on January 7th. The MindMixer site allows you to voice your ideas and participate in topic discussions anywhere and anytime. Transportation officials who monitor the site will consider each idea and comment submitted. Sign up now to begin planning the future of Mississippi's transportation infrastructure.

Uncertainty subsides with new Transportation Funding from the FY2015 Omnibus Bill
dollar sign

Last August, President Obama signed a $10.8 billion measure funding highway and bridge repairs until May 2015. This was a short-term measure which was approved by lawmakers earlier that July. The measure was necessary as The Highway Trust Fund was in risk of running out of funds in August 2014 and putting a halt on construction projects and putting jobs in jeopardy. Although a short-term measure has been implemented, the law is viewed by many as a band-aid solution that avoids addressing long-term challenges and uncertainties. 

On December 13th, in a rare Saturday evening session, the United States Senate passed a massive $1.1 trillion Fiscal Year 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill that will fund government operations through September 2015. Transportation funding is included in the FY 2015 Omnibus- Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations and provides funding for transportation projects around the country.


As is stands, the bill includes $17.8 billion in discretionary appropriations for the Department of Transportation. The bill also allows DOT to access $53.5 billion in non-discretionary funding and within that total the legislation provides $500 million for the TIGER program, which funds competitive grants for state and local road, transit, port, and railroad construction projects.


The FY 2015 Omnibus bill will fund Highways, Air, Rail, Transit, Safety and Maritime bringing more stability to transportation planning agencies around the country.  

MPO Planners on the Move
Education, Outreach & Events

Memphis MPO participated in the following activities:




September 6-11 Pro/Walk, Pro/Bike, Pro/Place in Pittsburgh, PA

September 18-19 MDOT Quarterly Meeting

September 22: MATA Board Meeting

September 23: Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Public Meeting in DeSoto, MS

September 23: RTP Public Meeting at MATA Transit Center

September 24: RTP Public Meeting at Central Station

September 24: RTP Public Meeting in Bartlett, TN

September 25: RTP Soulsville School Presentation

September 25: RTP Public Meeting in Oakland, TN

September 30: RTP Public Meeting in Byhalia, MS



October 1: TIP Meeting in Hernando

October 1: Tennessee Statewide IAC Call

October 2: CMP Performance Measures Workshop

October 7: Bike/Ped Plan Final Public Meeting

October 9: Planning and Land Use Advisory Committee Meeting

October 9: ETC Land Use Model Work Session

October 14: Arkansas Rail Plan, West Memphis, AR

October 14-15: NFAC Freight Meeting

October 22: MATA Board Meeting

October 22: Pizza with Planners at Livable Memphis: PPP and RTP Presentations

October 23: CMP Mobility Summit at the KROC Center

October 28: ATAC Meeting

October 29: ITS Stakeholders Meeting



November 3: CMP Stakeholder Meeting in Fayette County

November 4: RTP Center for Independent Living Meeting

November 6: ETC Meeting

November 10: CMP Stakeholder Meeting with MATA and Shelby County Rideshare

November 12: West TN RPO Meetings

November 13: RTP Advisory Committee (RTPAC) Meeting

November 14: CMP Stakeholder Meeting in DeSoto County

November 19: CMP Stakeholder Meeting in Shelby County

November 20: TPB Meeting

November 20: RTP Public Meeting with Latino Memphis



December 8: Strong Cities, Strong Communities Travel Demand Management Presentation

December 8: MATA Board Meeting

December 11: Active Transportation Demand Management Workshop in Nashville

MPO Quarterly Newsletter
Volume V, Issue IV
December 2014
In This Issue
The MPO's New Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
Nicholas Oyler
Effective December 1, 2014 
        Nicholas Oyler
assumed the role of Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator. Former Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Kyle Wagenschutz will now be the Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator fully for the City of Memphis. This change was predicated by the growing demand for bicycle and pedestrian planning resulting from the region's accelerated progress in accommodating active transportation. MPO members and community stakeholders should direct any questions regarding bicycle and pedestrian planning at the MPO level to Mr. Oyler, who will also continue with his responsibilities in the areas of public transit and the Regional Transportation Plan.
The MPO's New Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner
Peter Jenkins  
Peter Jenkins
will assist Mr. Oyler in the role of Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Planner. Mr. Jenkins looks forward to the opportunity of expanding bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout the region to create a stronger transportation system that is safe, convenient and comfortable for all users. Mr. Jenkins will continue his work related to the Land Use Model, Congestion Management Process and Public Participation.
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MPO Calendar
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Engineering Technical Committee (ETC) Meeting: February 5, 2015*
Transportation Policy Board (TPB) Meeting: February 26, 2015*

*Meetings will be held at 1:30 p.m. at the UT Health Sciences Ctr. -Student Alumni Bldg., 800 Madison Ave.
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