Quarterly Newsletter - June 2022
Midsouth Freight Study
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The Memphis MPO is currently partnering with the Tennessee Department of Transportation to develop the Mid-South Region Freight Flows & Industry Analysis. This study will build on and replace the 2017 Greater Memphis Regional Freight Plan with updated and more precise commodity flow data, examination of the Midsouth freight sector’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, and analysis of emerging trends. 

The study is expected to be completed in November of this year, and the analysis and recommendations will be utilized in the Moving Together 2050 Regional Transportation Plan.

To learn more, visit the study’s page on the Memphis MPO website.
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State's Electric Vehicle (EV) Deployment Plans
Many efforts are underway to deploy electric vehicle charging stations on the nation's roadway system. The Infrastructure Investment and Job Act (IIJA), provides dedicated funding to the States to create a network of Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations along FHWA-designated alternative fuel corridors. The National Electric Vehicle (NEVI) program has a total funding of $5 billion available to all States and territories. Tennessee is expected to receive approximately $88,334,969 million whereas Mississippi is expected to receive $50,557,563 million.

To receive NEVI Formula Program funds, states must submit deployment plans to the U.S. Office of Energy and Transportation by August 1, 2022.'

Mississippi is currently soliciting public feedback for their EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan. The Memphis MPO encourages everyone to complete the survey using the link below.

Tennessee survey has concluded. For updates, follow the link below.

Tennessee EV Deployment Plan - Website
Survey closed on May 31, 2022
Mississippi EV Deployment Plan - Website
MDOT Survey - Survey will close on July 15, 2022

To learn more about the alternative fuel corridor, visit FHWA's website.
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The Memphis MPO's State of the MPO Report is now available!

Check out the new biteable video to learn what the Memphis MPO accomplished in 2021.
On June 3rd, officials unveiled a new hard-surfaced walking and biking trail at T.O. Fuller State Park, in Southwest Memphis. The trail is made up of small pieces of rubber from tires that were illegally dumped in the surrounding area and spans 2.5 miles, making it one of the longest rubber-bearing trails in the United States.

One of Collierville’s largest parks is set for major upgrades. A new playground, 45-space parking lot and a covered stage area are some of the features that are slated for Hinton Park, which is located on more than 110 acres at Holmes and Fleming roads. 

The Biden administration announced it will begin a $3.1 billion plan to boost domestic manufacturing of batteries, in a broader effort to shift the country away from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles. The electrification of the transportation sector will be critical to mitigating human-caused climate change. The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, representing roughly one-third of emissions each year.

The White House first announced “Operation Fly Formula” on Thursday, May 19, to speed up the import of infant formula following a national shortage, a result of the closure of an Abbott Labs facility. Abbott makes about 40% of all infant formula sold in the U.S. Under Operation Fly Formula, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services are authorized to use Department of Defense-contracted commercial aircraft to pick up overseas infant formula that meets U.S. health and safety standards so it can get to store shelves faster.
Program & Funding Opportunities
Bridge Investment Program
FHWA has opened a call for applications for the competitive Bridge Investment Program through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). $12.5 billion in funding over five years is intended to help plan, replace, rehabilitate, protect, and preserve bridges across the US. The program supports three categories of Bridge Investment Program (BIP) funding opportunities: (1) Planning; (2) Bridge Projects (projects with eligible costs less than $100 million); and (3) Large Bridge Projects (projects with eligible costs greater than $100 million). Eligible applicants may submit applications for any of the three funding categories, but each category has distinct eligibility and selection criteria and application deadlines. The funds will be awarded on a competitive basis for planning, feasibility analysis, and revenue forecasting associated with the development of a project that would subsequently be eligible to apply for BIP funding under either the Bridge Projects or Large Bridge Projects funding categories. The NOFO can be viewed here, and additional information is on the FHWA website here.

Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning
The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has announced the availability of approximately $13 million in competitive grant funds through FTA's Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning. TOD looks at the relationship among transit, housing and land use and recognizes that better planning can help reduce costs for American families and reduce the impacts of transportation on climate and air quality. To apply for program funding, an applicant must be an existing FTA recipient – either a project sponsor of an eligible transit project or an entity with land use planning authority in the project corridor. To ensure that work meets the needs of the local community, transit project sponsors and land use planning authorities must partner to conduct the planning work. The application period will close on Monday, July 25

Safe Streets and Roads for All
USDOT has released a Notice of Funding Opportunity for the new Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) discretionary program, open for applications now through September 15, 2022. Eligible activities include developing a comprehensive safety action plan, conducting planning/design activities in support of such a plan, or carrying out projects and strategies identified in an action plan. Additional information can be found on the program page here, or the NOFO details here.

Funding Guidance
The White House has released an Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, or BIL) technical assistance guide to help state, local, Tribal and territorial governments navigate, access, and deploy infrastructure resources. The document identifies and provides information on over $700 million in dedicated funding across more than 65 technical assistance programs. The guide is available here.

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Virtual Meetings:
2:TN MPOs Bike/Ped Coordinators Meeting
9:TDOT Quarterly SHSP Meeting
8:TDOT Quarterly SHSP Meeting
16:TDOT Safety PM Call
29:Mississippi Freight Advisory Committee Meeting

17:FHWA Dynamic Warning Systems Webinar
21:FHWA Workshop on Methods to Improve Freight Performance, Reliability, and Bottlenecks


Virtual Meetings:
6: Statewide IAC Call
14:TDOT PM3 Working Group Meeting
20:TDOT Safety PM Call
21:MDOT PM3 Meeting
28:Core TMA Advisory Committee Meeting

6: Alternative Fuel Work Truck Applications, Options, and Successes
26:AMPO IIJA Webinar
26:FHWA Webinar: Freight for All - Defining Major Equity Considerations in Goods Movement
28:Making Sense of CAV Data: How to Harness Today's Data for Tomorrow's CAV Deployments


4-6: TN Statewide MPO Conference
19: ETC/TPB Board Meeting

Virtual Meetings:
12:TDOT Safety PM Call - Special Meeting
16:TEVI Deployment Plan Engagement Session
18:TDOT Safety PM Call
26: West Memphis MPO Policy & Technical Committee Meeting
31:Mississippi Freight Advisory Committee Meeting

5: AMPO Emerging Technologies Working Group Meeting
27:Eastern Transportation Coalition Presentation on Transportation Data
Upcoming Events:
July 4 - Holiday - MPO Offices will be Closed
September 5 - Holiday - MPO Offices will be Closed
September 22 - TPB/ETC Meetings
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