Quarterly Newsletter - June 2020
While continuing our regular planning efforts as much as possible, the COVID-19 related restrictions have provided an interesting case study on traffic under abnormal conditions. We have compiled in the PDF linked here some data on the impacts seen in our region in the past few months on freight, Vehicle Miles Traveled, trips taken, commercial activity, and policy. Understanding these impacts will be important to continue transportation planning in an unpredictable time.

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The Memphis MPO Coordinated Transit (CPT-HSTP) Plan Video
MPO staff have been producing short, simple, informational videos that explain our plans and initiatives. The latest covers our Coordinated Plan (CPT-HSTP), which is now being updated. Currently in the data collection phase, it is hoped that stakeholder and public engagement can go forward this fall. Check out the video here.
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AMPO Spotlight
The Memphis MPO was featured for the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organization (AMPO) member spotlight for the month of May.

AMPO shared Memphis MPO's Biteable video tool as an engagement effort to build awareness for various MPO planning efforts and activities. The MPO's range of planning products were also highlighted, sharing purpose and the collaboration efforts taken to address transportation in the region.

To view Bitable videos or plans and studies,visit the Memphis MPO's website.  https://memphismpo.org/

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What's Rolling with the Regional Walk and Roll Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan?
The Walk and Roll plan virtual open house and survey which was launched in May 2020 is now closed. We would like to THANK everyone who participated and provided feedback
So, what's next?
We are currently analyzing the data from the virtual public meeting and summarizing the results. All this information will be used in the draft plan which will be released in the next few months. Please make sure to stay tuned for more updates about our plan on the Memphis MPO Walk and Roll website .
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Re(Introducing) New Staff Planner:
Andrew Ray
Andrew joined the Memphis MPO team as a Transportation Planner in June. He grew up in the Memphis area and attended the University of Memphis. After a short hiatus in Chattanooga, he is excited to return to West Tennessee.

He has worked for the Memphis MPO in the past, and most recently worked for the Chattanooga Regional Planning Agency and Chattanooga TPO. His work has primarily focused on transportation planning, and he enjoys employing GIS and other data-driven analysis to find solutions to planning questions. His work at the MPO will focus on the Regional Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program, Land Use Modeling, and GIS data management.

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working to improve the environment and public health conditions of low-income and minority communities through our daily efforts to ensure all Americans have clean air, safe water, and access to information to make decisions to protect personal and public health. 

The nation saw a decline in traffic deaths during 2018 and 2017, and these newest estimates suggest a continuing decline in traffic-related deaths.

Shared mobility must reinvent itself somewhat to adapt to the coming challenges resulting from COVID-19. Operators, software developers, vehicle manufacturers, and public services will all need to be creative in order to find ways to deal with a wide range of social/technical/business issues created or exacerbated by the pandemic.

In response to State requests, FHWA will consider short-term FMV exceptions for the temporary use of sidewalks and public parking that offer more area for restaurants and stores to serve their customers at a safe distance.

Mississippi’s drivers license stations, including Nesbit and Olive Branch in DeSoto County, are about to reopen under specific guidelines, announced Gov. Tate Reeves.

As communities and cities across America embark on paths for reopening, a transportation group at Vanderbilt is asking the question: What will traffic look like if transit riders become car drivers?
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Program & Funding Opportunities
TDOT’s Multimodal Access Grant is a state-funded program created to support the transportation needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users through infrastructure projects that address existing gaps along state routes. The application cycle will open on June 8, 2020. Communities that are interested in competing must submit a Notice of Intent to Apply (NOI) to TDOT.MultimodalPlanning@tn.gov by 7/31/20 at 11:59 pm. 

The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) supports state and local governments, public bodies, and nonprofit entities in Delta communities through its annual States Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP). SEDAP funding may be used to fund projects in a number of priority areas, including basic public infrastructure and transportation infrastructure.  Applications are due June 28, 2020.

This program provides funding for inclusive transportation planning, development, and implementation projects with grassroots-driven mobility-on-demand solutions. Selected grantees will engage people with disabilities, older adults, and caregivers in partnership with transportation, planning, and human services organizations; projects should identify, develop, and implement mobility-on-demand solutions that respond to local transportation barriers and test a standard way of sharing trip data to support coordination and implementation of mobility-on-demand services. Full proposals are due by July 3, 2020.
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MPO Planners in Quarantine
Staying Flexible: How Public Agencies are Pivoting Engagement Methods During the COVID-19 Pandemic : Featured MPO Planner, Mavrick Fitzgerald
Talking Freight - Freight Beyond the City: Approaches to Improving Freight Mobility in the Suburban Context
Exploring Census Data Webinar Series: Transportation Statistics
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2: Walk and Roll Transit Stakeholder Meeting
3: Virtual Meeting:Walk and Roll Equity Stakeholder Meeting (MCIL)
3 :MS TIP Project Status Meeting
4: SR-385 Memphis Smartway ITS Expansion Project Meeting
5: Virtual Meeting : Walk and Roll Equity Stakeholder Meeting (Whole Child Strategies)
9: Webinar :AMPO Public Involvement Working Group
11: Virutal Meeting : Walk and Roll Equity Stakeholder Meeting (Latino Memphis)
17: Virtual Meeting: ATAC Meeting
18: TN Safety Working Group Conference Call
18: Virtual Meeting: Knoxville
23: Webinar:Florida Local Assistance Program Training
23 :Virtual Meeting: Walk and Roll Equity Stakeholder Meeting (The Works CDC)
25: Webinar : Eno Center Rapid Response
25: Virtual Meeting :Knoxville TPO Executive Board Meeting
27: Webinar: Maryland DOT/Smart Growth America Webinar
30: Virtual Meeting: CPT-HSTP Meeting
31 : Webinar: Exploring Census Data Series: Transportation Statistics

1: IAC Statewide Conference Call
7: Virtual Meeting : City of Memphis Bicycle Advocacy Council Meeting 
7: Webinar: Smart Growth Network
7: Webinar: CARES Act
8: Virtual Meeting : City of Memphis Pedestrian Advocacy Council Meeting
8 :ETIP Demo Call
9: Webinar: E-Builder: Navigating the New Normal 
14: Virtual Meeting: Knoxville TPO Executive Board Meeting
14: Webinar: TRB: Start your Transportation Research with TRID
15: TN Safety Working Group Conference Call
15: Webinar: Talking Freight
22: Virtual Meeting: TDOT TASP Modal Integration Working Group
23: Webinar: Public Engagement for Planning
28: Webinar: Enhancing Mobility, Access and Safety for Pedestrian
28: Webinar : FHWA TMIP
29: Webinar: EPA Air Quality Flag
30: Webinar : Enhancing Mobility, Access and Safety for Pedestrian Part ll


5 :Webinar: AMPO Public Involvement Working Group
6: Webinar: Staying Flexible: Staying Flexible: How Public Agencies are Pivoting Engagement Methods during the COVID-19 Pandemic
7: Webinar :Advocating for and Creating Effective Public Transit
7: Webinar : Smart Growth Network Webinar: Advocating for and Creating Effective Public Transit
12: Webinar: COVID-19 Impact on Freight
13: Webinar: Walking and Walkability in the time of COVID-19: Changing Policies and Practices
15: PM3 Midpoint Target Review Call
19: Webinar: INRIX Mobility Pane
21: Webinar: Smart Growth Network Webinar: Designing Cities Amid Urban Migration
28: Webinar: Research in Action: Trends in How Municipalities Are Addressing Increased Demand for Safe Public Space
29: Webinar: Autonomous Vehicle Implementation: Implications for Transportation Planning
29: TDOT MPO TIP Project Status Call
Upcoming Events:
July 3 : Independence Day - MPO Offices will be Closed
August 20 : Joint TPB/ETC Meeting day

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