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Performance Dashboard & Reports

FWHA State Performance Dashboard and Reports

FWHA State Performance Dashboard and Reports


FWHA State Performance & Reports map

Urbanized Area Performance Dashboard and Reports

The Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) of the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) has developed State Performance Dashboard and Reports where visitors can find the latest available baseline values and performance targets for each State Department of Transportation (DOT) and Urbanized Area.

The Dashboard provides an easy-to-use interface for visitors to learn about each performance measure area and the process each State DOT undertook in setting and establishing applicable baselines and targets. This central and standard platform enables users to quickly compare performance on multiple transportation performance measures.

The information displayed is for informational purposes only and is provided by each State DOT and has not been edited by FHWA. There may be some discrepancies among published State DOT data due to data sources and reporting timeframes used when establishing the performance targets. Any questions about individual State reports should be directed to the respective State DOT.



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