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Performance Measure #16

Performance Measure #16

Is the percentage of funds obligated for transportation projects increasing?


Performance Measures coming soon....

Performance Measure #17

Performance Measure #17

Is the number of homes within a 1/4-mile walking distance to regional attractors and generators increasing ?

Indicator: Number of living units or residential parcels within a 1/4 mile. 

Notes: Regional attractors and generators include schools, colleges/universities, landmarks/points of interest, libraries, hospitals, shopping centers, parks, business parks/employment centers, and government offices.  The data source is the 2011 Shelby County GIS parcel file and the 2012 Fayette County GIS parcel file; land use GIS parcel files are not available for Desoto County.  Shelby County data is available by living units (homes) and Fayette County data is only available at the parcel level. Please note for Fayette County that some parcels may include more than one home such as parcels with duplexes, condos, apartments, etc.  

The most recent figures showed the following for the Memphis MPO Area:

  • Shelby County - 2011: 157,589 Living Units
  • Fayette County - 2011: 109 Residential Parcels / 2012: 110 Residential Parcels
  • Desoto County - Data Not Available

The performance measure will be tracked on an annual basis.


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