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More than 35 years of building for the future...

The Memphis MPO was created in 1977 with the responsibility of transportation planning in the counties of Shelby and Fayette, Tennessee, and the counties of DeSoto and Marshall, Mississippi. Federal regulations require that an MPO be designated to carry out a comprehensive, continuing and coordinated transportation planning process for urbanized areas with a population of 50,000 or more.

In order to meet the federal guidelines, the MPO on a regular basis undertake projects/plans that further the goals and objectives of the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and the local transportation needs.

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May 2016
Man waiting for the bus
A new set of guidelines will lay the foundation for improved bus stops in the Memphis area.
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Nov 2017
I-40 traffic in Memphis
As 'America's Distribution Center,' Greater Memphis Region plays a critical role.
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Jan 2013
I-269 TN Regional Vision Study
In an effort to help shape future development along...
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Jul 2010
Poplar southern corridor
The Southern/Poplar Corridor is a major east-west arterial...
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May 2013
LUM Grid structure for MPO region
A critical component of understanding future travel...
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Nov 2010
Houston Levee Corridor
Houston Levee is an important north-south arterial roadway...



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