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Land Use Model Update

LUM Grid structure for MPO region

A critical component of understanding future travel patterns and travel need throughout the Greater Memphis region is having a model to forecast future regional development, land use and urban form. The MPO completed an update to its Land Use Model (LUM) in the Spring of 2015 in order to understand future development patterns and plan appropriate transportation facilities to meet new and existing demand. The LUM seeks to understand regional land use and development trends to help the MPO implement multi-modal transportation projects appropriate to the context of each community. The land use model is being integrated into the updated travel demand model and will provide an important foundation to inform the Livability 2040: Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Click the below link to read the Model Development Report:

Memphis MPO 2015 Land Use Model Development Report

Placetypes: The MPO's last land use scenario model was heavily influenced by the development of a Place Type Palette. For more information about the development of Place Types under the Imagine 2035/2040 Mid-South Transportation and Land Use Plan, please click here.




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