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Mid-South Regional Greenprint Plan Vision

Connecting Communities For Our Future

GREENPRINT 2015/2040 is a 25-year plan that envisions a region of connected communities united in creating a high quality of life, where the physical and social environments are sustainable for future generations, and where all people can access abundant economic, social and natural opportunities.

By 2040, the Mid-South will be a region where:

In order to ensure the Greenprint network has a comprehensive impact on the region, the plan includes eight Strategic Directions and corresponding objectives and recommended actions for how the region achieves the vision.

The eight Strategic Directions and their associated objectives are:

An Interconnected Network of Parks, Greenways, and Open Spaces

  • Expand and improve a network of green space hubs linked by greenways and trails
  • Improve the access and use of existing parks and green space for the benefit of people and wildlife
  • Develop a regional identity and central entity to coordinate development of the green space network

Equitable Participation and Community Ownership

  • Engage and include a diverse group of individuals, groups, and communities from across the region through implementation
  • Build a culture of effective citizen planning by increasing capacity of groups and leaders, especially in underserved communities
  • Ensure equity in implementation priority, site selection, and resource allocation

Enhanced Access through Transportation Choices

  • Connect communities through a multimodal transportation network including green infrastructure
  • Increase transportation choices and modal connections for all users
  • Enhance regional transit services and transportation demand management
  • Improve transportation system impact on the built environment, natural environment, and regional quality of life

Healthy and Safe Communities

  • Promote a comprehensive concept of community health, wellness, and healthy lifestyles
  • Improve access to healthy foods
  • Promote safe, healthy, and walkable communities

Improved Neighborhoods and Fair Housing Choices

  • Increase affordable, location-efficient, and fair housing choices
  • Ensure neighborhood access to green spaces and walkability
  • Improve existing neighborhood green assets and increase their use and benefit to the community
  • Spur the (re)development of neighborhoods that are clean, attractive, and convenient to a wide range of community facilities

Sustainable Resources and a Quality Environment

  • Conserve and protect natural resources including air, water, and land
  • Promote sustainable watershed management policies and practices
  • Create productive green assets from underutilized lands and brownfields
  • Promote and prioritize investments that protect biodiversity and wildlife habitat

A Productive Workforce and Economy

  • Enhance access and connectivity to employment, education, and training centers
  • Empower individuals to improve economic outcomes at home
  • Promote and support neighborhood-level economic development
  • Increase and enhance regional employment and economic development opportunities
  • Expand green technology workforce development

Effective Long-term Regional Planning

  • Continue regional collaboration of planning and policy-making and coordination of assets and resources
  • Establish and maintain a shared data resources system to support decision making



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