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Mid-South Regional Greenprint Plan Map

Connecting Communities For Our Future

The Concept Map for a regional network of connected green space is the core element of the plan.  Through developing a network of green space connecting three states, the Mid-South region is able to not only provide a world-class green space amenity to residents of the region, but address the vision statements that form the basis for this plan. The Greenprint network is intended to improve walking and biking access to green space, town centers, jobs, schools, health services, and other destinations across the region.

The regional network includes 499 miles of greenway trails and 196 miles of on-road connectors.

The proposed network of connected green infrastructure:

  • Links to 95% of the large park acreage in the region;
  • Connects 78% of the region’s population living within one mile of a corridor;
  • Connect 79% of the region’s jobs within one mile of a corridor;
  • Exceeds a plan goal of providing 0.5 miles of greenway trail per 1,000 residents; and
  • Improves access to alternative transportation for all, including households in poverty and with limited access to jobs.


The network allows for the various parts of the region to be connected through a variety of pathways and provides for safe, enjoyable alternative transportation routes. It enables residents to come in closer proximity to our region’s most vital natural resources, including streams, key conservation and wildlife lands, and major regional parks.

Finally, it creates needed connections between cities and communities and areas of high opportunity, such as employment centers, so implementation of the plan can lift all residents of the region. By tying together these areas, the resulting green infrastructure will allow for much greater access to all parts of the region and achieve the goals expressed in the Vision and Strategic Directions of this plan.




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