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Bus Stop Design and Accessibility Guidelines

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In an effort to improve the quality of bus stops in the Greater Memphis Region the Memphis MPO, in partnership with the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA), embarked on a project to develop a set of guidelines for the improvement of current and proposed bus stops. The intent is to facilitate proper siting, design, installation, and maintenance of existing and proposed bus stops throughout the Greater Memphis Region. Creation of the Guidelines is the first step in ensuring that MATA bus stops offer the highest comfort and accessibility for residents who ride the bus.

Plan Overview

This project effort included:

  1. Studying existing bus stops on MATA routes and identifying needed improvements to better accommodate needs of residents.
  2. Conducting multiple outreach efforts (incl. two stakeholder meetings, a public survey, and an engagement activity at the William Hudson Transit Center) to better understand the priorities of users.
  3. Researching best practices, ADA requirements, and peer city strategies for improved transit experiences.
  4. Developing a manual regarding improvements to existing bus stops. Possible improvements include seating options (incl. accommodation for people with disabilities), clear signage (incl. schedules, route information, and maps), trash receptacles, lighting, etc.
  5. Developing standard conceptual engineering designs for different types of bus stops, based on location and volume.
  6. Recommending better placement of bus stops along MATA routes through optimal stop spacing.
  7. Recommending an implementation plan and schedule.

These analyses and recommendations will help MATA improve its existing system as well as better position it for potential future expansion.

View the Plan

  1. Bus Stop Design & Accessibility Guidelines
  2. Bus Stop Study Presentation - ATAC- Aug 2, 2016
  3. Bus Stop Study Presentation - ETC- Nov 3, 2016
  4. Bus Stop Study Survey Results

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