Mid-South Safety Action Plan

Improving Safety in the Mid-South

The Memphis MPO and West Memphis MPO have initiated the development of the Mid-South Safety Action Plan (SAP) to create a framework for reducing roadway deaths throughout the tri-state Greater Memphis region.

Currently in the early stages of planning, the Mid-South Safety Action Plan will establish a goal of reduced traffic fatalities through actionable steps. Overseeing the creation and implementation of the plan is a multi-disciplinary committee of regional stakeholders committed to public roadway safety. While the public engagement plan will help better define goals and recommendations, the plan is guided by the Vision Zero principles of safer people, safer roads, safer vehicles, safer speeds, and post-crash care.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 established the federal Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grant program, which is a discretionary program providing funds for action plans and implementation projects to prevent deaths and serious injuries for all roadway users. The Mid-South Safety Action Plan will lay the foundation for future implementation grants to improve roadway Safety in the Mid-South. The final plan document is expected to be completed in Spring/Summer 2023.

In addition to the guiding vision, the plan will provide a safety analysis and recommendations to achieve our goal towards zero traffic fatalities with the following components:

  •          Historical trends and Existing conditions

  •          High Injury Network

  •          Equity Analysis

  •          Recommended Projects

  •          Strategies and Countermeasures

  •          Future Needs Assessment

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Contact Information - Memphis MPO

If you would like more information on the plan and its development you can contact:

Jordan Smith
Transportation Planner

Clarke Shupe-Diggs
Transportation Planner

Mavrick Fitzgerald
Transportation Planner

Ethan Greene
Transportation Planner

You can also contact any of the Transportation Planners with the Memphis MPO, visit the Staff Webpage for contact information.

Contact Information -  West Memphis MPO

Amanda Hicks
MPO Director

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MPO Planner