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Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Creating a Sustainable Transportation Network


With close to half of all trips in the United States consisting of three miles or less, the Memphis MPO recognizes that there are great opportunities to improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the region to accommodate such travel. To aid in this process, the Memphis MPO's Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is intended to identify opportunities for enhancing bicycle and pedestrian travel.

2014 Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The intent of the Plan is not to secure funding for every project. Instead, the recommendations should be used as a guide for local jurisdictions in taking advantage of such opportunities. The Plan relies on four main goals to identify methods for improving bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure including Safety, Connectivity, Accessibility and Mode Shift.

These goals were used to perform a comprehensive analysis which resulted in a composite map displaying levels of corridor need to improve bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the Memphis MPO region. The Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan of the Memphis MPO was adopted by the Transportation Policy Board on November 20, 2014.


Chapter 1: Background and Plan Development

Chapter 2: Bicycle Analysis and Review

Chapter 3: Pedestrian Analysis and Review

Chapter 4: Implementation and Funding


Jurisdiction Reports

MPO planners have prepared jurisdiction reports to serve as accompanying documents to the Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The reports have been provided to the respective municipal or county member of the MPO as a planning aid and are available to members of the public interested in viewing the Plan's recommendations specific to their community. Each report contains brief context on the local jurisdiction, network composite score maps, as well as recommended policies and projects.

2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Report 

The 2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Report highlights the strides that have been made, by the agencies of the Memphis MPO to implement the 2014 plan’s recommendation.  The report includes bicycle and pedestrian awareness and education campaigns, encouragement efforts, planning, and the construction of facilities and amenities.  

2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Report 

Reporte 2017 de Bicicletas y Peatones

Contact Information

If you would like more information on the plan and its development you can contact:

Zylavian Watley
Transportation Planner

Mavrick Fitzgerald
Transportation Planner

Jordan Smith
Transportation Planner

You can also contact any of the Transportation Planners with the Memphis MPO, visit the Staff Webpage for contact information.

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