FY 2023-26 TIP Development

FY 2023-26 TIP Development is Underway!

Development of the FY 2023-26 TIP is underway!  The project list is on schedule for approval at the Memphis MPO's ETC & TPB Meetings on May 19th, please see the Call for Project Applications & Project List Approval section below for the project list.

The TIP is a four-year, fiscally constrained, short-range program, which provides a prioritized list of multimodal transportation projects (including capital, resurfacing, signalization, bridge, pedestrian & bicycle, and transit) within the Metropolitan Planning Area.  Its cooperatively developed every four-years and approved by the MPO Board and the Governors of Tennessee and Mississippi. The TIP provides an overview of how transportation revenues will be invested over a four-year period by state and local agencies that have legal responsibility to build, operate, and maintain highways, streets, and public transit systems. In order to be included in the TIP, these projects must have available funding.  The TIP supports the vision of the Livability 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) must be in conformity with Federal air quality regulations.

Click on the image below, for a quick video and brief overview of the TIP!

TIP Development Timeline

The FY 2023-26 TIP is on schedule to be adopted by the MPO’s Transportation Policy Board (TPB) in the Fall of 2023.  Check out the FY 2023-26 TIP Timeline below for the major development milestones and handout for an overview of Planning the Next TIP.

Planning the Next TIP Handout

Planificación del próximo TIP

Call for Project Applications & Project List Approval

The Memphis Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is currently in the development of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023-26 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which will cover the period from October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2026.  

As part of the development process, the MPO issued a call for project applications from eligible project sponsors, which ended on January 12, 2022. Projects submitted were evaluated and scored using the TIP Project Prioritization Criteria, which was approved by the MPO’s Transportation Policy Board (TPB) at the November 18, 2021 meeting. Application materials, including the FY 2023-26 TIP Guidance Document, TIP Reference Materials Packet, and Future Cost Estimation Tool were made available to assist eligible project sponsors in completing the project application(s). 

The FY 2023-26 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Project List will be taken to the MPO's Engineering and Technical Committee (ETC)  & Transportation Policy Board (TPB) meetings on May 19, 2022 for approval.   Please see the following link for the FY 2023-26 TIP Project List

Public Outreach

The public and other interested parties will be provided the opportunity to participate in the development of the FY 2023-26 TIP. Eligible project sponsors will notify and inform the public of projects being submitted for application.  Additionally, along with the Federal and State agencies, the public and other interested parties will have the opportunity to review the TIP Project Prioritization Criteria, TIP project list and the draft TIP document before final approval.   Public meetings will be held next Summer 2022 during the public review period of the draft FY 2023-26 TIP and Air Quality Conformity Documents.  

Make sure to check our Public Notices Webpage and Minutes and Agendas Webpage for upcoming meetings and materials, and periodically visit the FY 2023-26 TIP Webpage for more information on the development of the FY 2023-26 TIP. Keep up to date with the Memphis MPO by following us through our Facebook Page, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel, and LinkedIn Profile, and don’t forget to sign up for our Travel Times Newsletter to hear about projects and the plans the MPO is working on!

FY 2020-23 TIP

The FY 2020-23 Transportation Improvement Program will remain the current document until final Federal approvals are received on the FY 2023-26 TIP, which is scheduled for January 2023. 

Please visit the FY 2020-23 TIP Webpage to review the current TIP document.


If you would like more information on the TIP and its development you can contact:

Kate Horton
Transportation Planner

Nick Warren
Transportation Planner

You can also contact any of the Transportation Planners with the Memphis MPO, visit the Staff Webpage for contact information.