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FY 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

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The TIP is a four-year, fiscally constrained, short-range program, which provides a prioritized list of multimodal transportation projects (including road, resurfacing, signalization, bridge, bicycle & pedestrian, transit, and safety) within the Metropolitan Planning Area. Its cooperatively developed every four-years and approved by the MPO Board and the Governors of Tennessee and Mississippi. The TIP provides an overview of how transportation revenues will be invested over a four-year period by state and local agencies that have legal responsibility to build, operate, and maintain that state's highway, street, and public transit systems. In order to be included in the TIP, these projects must have available funding.

Preparation of the TIP is required by the federal legislation known as Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) and by the Metropolitan Planning Regulations (23 CFR 450.324) of the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). Federal regulations require the Memphis MPO's transportation planning activities, including the development of the TIP, to be carried out in a Continuing, Cooperative and Comprehensive manner (the "3-C" approach).

What is the TIP?

Qué es el TIP?

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FY 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Following are the FY 2020-23 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) documents, including the associated Air Quality Conformity Demonstration Reports for Shelby and DeSoto Counties, which were adopted by the Memphis MPO's Transportation Policy Board (TPB) on September 12, 2019. 

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Tennessee and Mississippi Divisions and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Region IV Office, in coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region IV Office, have found the documents to be in conformity with Federal air quality regulations as noted in the Air Quality Conformity Determination letters below.  

The final TIP will be incorporated into both the Tennessee and Mississippi Departments of Transportation's State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), after the STIPs have been approved by FHWA and FTA.

FY 2020-23 TIP Document: Adopted September 12, 2019

FY 2020-23 TIP Appendix: Adopted September 12, 2019

Shelby County Air Quality Conformity Demonstration Report: Adopted September 12, 2019 & Conformity Finding Approval Letter - Shelby County 

DeSoto County Air Quality Conformity Demonstration Report: Adopted September 12, 2019 & Conformity Finding Approval Letter - DeSoto County 

Livability 2050 RTP & FY 2020-23 TIP Summary Brochure

Folleto de Resumen Español de Habitabilidad 2050 RTP y el FY 2020-23 TIP


The approved FY 2020-23 TIP can be modified to add new projects, delete projects, accommodate cost, phase of work, and scope changes to a project.  Major changes require public review and analysis of air quality impacts, while minor changes can be made administratively.  Following is the current FY 2020-23 TIP, which has been updated to include any changes that have been made since the TIP was approved.  The FY 2020-23 TIP Adjustment and FY 2020-23 TIP Amendment Tables detail the changes that have been made.

FY 2020-23 TIP Adjustments



FY 2020-23 TIP Amendments

TPB Date TDOT MDOT Local TN Local MS Transit Fed. Approval



If you would like more information on the plan and its development you can contact:

Kate Horton
Transportation Planner

Alvan-Bidal Sanchez
Transportation Planner

Nick Warren
Transportation Planner

You can also contact any of the Transportation Planners with the Memphis MPO, visit the Staff Webpage for contact information.



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