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Performance Measures #8

Performance Measure #8

Are the perceptions of unsafe or dangerous conditions for bicycling and walking decreasing?

Indicator: Percentage of those surveyed who perceive bicycling and walking to be unsafe

Bicycling: 12%
Walking: 6%

Notes: A survey was developed in 2010 as a part of the MPO's Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan that was adopted December 15, 2011.  Over 2,100 citizens responded to the survey and although it was not statistically accurate, due to voluntary responses rather than random sampling, it generated a wide response from diverse communities in the region. The 2010 percentages are benchmarks and the goal is to reduce the perceptions of unsafe conditions for bicycling to 10% or less by 2015 and 5% or less by 2020.  This number is 5% or less for walking by 2020. This performance measure will be updated every 2-3 years after the Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian survey is conducted.  The next survey is scheduled for 2013.



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