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Performance Measure #2

Performance Measure #2

Indicator: % Work Trips by Bicycling, Walking, or Transit

Is the number of work commute trips made by bicycling, walking, or transit increasing?

Notes: Performance Measures are being tracked as part of the MPO's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.  The number of work commute trips is being tracked for alternative modes of transportation including walking, biking, and transit for the Memphis MPO.  The data source is the 2005-2009 American Community Survey (ACS) and is based on 5-year estimates.  The most recent 2011 figures showed the following for the Memphis MPO Area:

  • Work Commute Trips by Bicycling:  0.1%
  • Work Commute Trips by Walking: 1.7%
  • Work Commute Trips by Transit: 1.7%
  • Total Commute Trips by Bicycling, Walking, Transit: 3.5%

The performance measure will be tracked on an annual basis as data from ACS becomes available.

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