FY 2017-20 TIP Receives Final Federal Approval

The Memphis MPO's FY 2017-20 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) received the final approval from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) on January 6, 2017.  The FY 2017-20 TIP supersedes the FY 2014-17 TIP and covers the period through September 30, 2020.

The TIP is a fiscally constrained, short-range, multi-modal program that includes a list of transportation projects within the Memphis MPO area.  Project types include bicycle, pedestrian, repaving, signalization, and freight-related projects, in addition to the more traditional road and public transit projects.  The approved TIP can be amended to add new projects, delete projects, accommodate cost, phase of work, and scope changes to a project as well.  Major changes require a public review period, analysis of air quality impacts if applicable, and approval from the Memphis MPO's Engineering Technical Committee (ETC) and Transportation Policy Board (TPB). 

The FY 2017-20 TIP along with a list of any changes that have been made to the document since it was adopted can be found on the Memphis MPO website by clicking here.

FY 2016-17 Transportation Alternatives (TA) Projects Approved 


On November 2016, the Memphis Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) had a call for applications for 2016-17 TA funds.  The Transportation Alternatives (TA) program is a federal transportation funding source that includes on and off-road pedestrian and bicycle facilities, infrastructure programs aimed to increase non-driver access to public transportation, transit stop amenities, greenways and trails, and more.  Nine projects from Tennessee local jurisdictions/agencies were approved by the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) to receive a total of 2.3 million in federal transportation funds. These funds will catalyze the construction of projects meant to address safety and accessibility. The Memphis MPO awards its allocated TAP funds through a competitive application process. 

The Memphis MPO also released a call for application to Mississippi local jurisdictions of the MPO Planning Area with the hopes of funding several TA projects in the area. The application period ended on February 24, 2017. MPO staff will score the applications with input from the Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) and a review from the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT).

There will be a FY 2018 Call for Applications for Mississippi and Tennessee jurisdictions announced Fall of 2017.  
Click  here   to find out more about the Transportation Alternatives Program and additional information about the awarded FY 2016-17 projects.

Regional Freight Plan Process Underway 

The Memphis MPO is well into the process of creating a comprehensive Regional Freight Plan for the Greater Memphis Region. As "America's Distribution Center," the region plays a critical role in the Nation's global supply chain. The Regional Freight Plan will:
  • Provide an overview of the region's freight transportation system and goods movement
  • Identify key issues and challenges to the region's overall freight system as well as strategic freight corridors
  • Assess all modes of freight transportation, such as: Truck, Rail, Pipeline, Waterways, and Air
  • Analyze future threats to economic competitiveness of freight in the region
In developing the Regional Freight Plan, the Memphis MPO has sought public participation through online surveys from both the general public and truck drivers. Preliminary data reveals several interesting results:
  • Truck drivers rank the greatest challenge for freight movement in the region as truck parking 
  • A majority of the survey respondents said that they shop online weekly or several times per month (the Regional Freight Plan will examine the rise of online shopping and its effect on the freight movement)
The Memphis MPO is working closely with a consultant team lead by AECOM, and the plan is on track to be completed by Fall of 2017.

The Memphis MPO will meet with the Freight Advisory Committee on February 28, 2017.

More information about the Regional Freight Plan can be found on the MPO's website, here.

The MPO's New Transportation Planners 

Parker Sherwood 
Parker is excited to join the Memphis MPO as a transportation planner. Mr. Sherwood is a native of Lexington, Kentucky and recently graduated from a dual-degree program at the University of Louisville where he received his Master of Urban Planning and Juris Doctor. His contributions at the MPO will focus on Freight Planning, Land Use/Corridor Planning, and the Unified Planning Work Program. Mr. Sherwood looks forward to helping create and maintain efficient, safe, and successful transportation efforts for the entire Memphis MPO region. 

Jordan Smith
Jordan is beginning his transportation planning career with the Memphis MPO. He recently graduated from Florida State University with a master's degree in urban and regional planning. Mr. Smith will focus on transit, congestion reduction, safety, and infrastructure condition. He is looking forward to making Memphis his home and helping the region achieve its mobility goals.

Alvan Bidal-Sanchez
Alvan-Bidal joins the Memphis MPO as a Transportation Planner. He is a native of Amarillo, Texas and a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin where he received a Master of Science in Community and Regional Planning and a Master of Public Affairs. His work at the MPO will focus on Public Participation, Land Use Planning, and Freight Planning. Mr. Sanchez is looking forward to helping to create and maintain a successful and inclusive transportation system in the Memphis region.

MPO Planner s on the Move
Education, Outreach & Events

Memphis MPO participated in the following activities since November 2016:

3: Engineering and Technical Committee Meeting
15: West Memphis MPO Meeting
17: Transportation Policy Board Meeting
28: Mississippi Local Public Agencies TIP Meeting
28: City of Lakeland Design Workshop and Focus Group Meeting
29: TDOT Strategic Highway Safety Plan Meeting
30: Regional Models of Cooperation: Bicycle/Pedestrian and Transit Connections Webinar
1: Freight Advisory Committee Meeting
2: Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute Conference
8: Mid-South Megaregion Freight Meeting
13: Tennessee Freight Advisory Committee Meeting
23: Mississippi TIP Meeting
24: MATA Board Meeting
24: Active Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting
25: Memphis Area Geographic Information Council (MAGIC) Meeting
Upcoming Events in 2017:
March 14: TDOT Freight Advisory Committee Meeting
April 4-5: MDOT Performance Measures Workshop
April 11: ATAC
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