Newly Adopted Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan (CPT-HSTP)

On May 5, 2016, the Memphis MPOs Transportation Policy Board (TPB) adopted a new Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan (CPT-HSTP). This process included a regional coordination across 20 counties in three States: Five Counties in Arkansas, Five Counties in Mississippi, and Ten Counties in Tennessee.   
The purpose of the CPT-HSTP development is to promote coordination between transit service agencies to address the identified gaps and needs for transportation disadvantaged populations including older adults, persons with disabilities, and persons of low income. With continuing efforts, the Memphis MPO along with the Transit service providers will monitor transportation efforts in the region to determine how the strategies in the CPT-HSTP may apply to ongoing planning efforts.
The development of the CPT-HSTP was a collective effort between the Memphis MPO, West Memphis MPO, West Tennessee RPO, Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD), and Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT). 
More information about the Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan can be found on the Memphis MPO website, here
Regional Freight Plan Process Begins
The Memphis MPO has begun the process of creating a comprehensive Regional Freight Plan for the Greater Memphis Region. As "America's Distribution Center," the region plays a critical role in the Nation's global supply chain. This plan will:
  • Provide an overview of the region's freight transportation system and goods movements
  • Identify key issues and challenges to the region's overall freight system as well as strategic freight corridors
  • Assess all modes of freight transportation, such as: Truck, Rail, Pipeline, Waterways, and Air
  • Analyze future threats to economic competitiveness of freight in the region 

The Memphis MPO will be working with a consultant team lead by AECOM, and the plan is expected to be completed by Spring of 2017.

More information about the Regional Freight Plan can be found on the MPO's website, here
Greater Memphis Regional Socio-Demographic Profile 

The Memphis MPO has updated the Regional Trends information on our website that offers a snapshot of the current socio-demographic trends in the Greater Memphis Region. The primary data is derived from the United States Census Bureau, which provides a better understanding of trends over time. The information is categorized by areas such as population, housing, employment, economy and transportation. This information demonstrates the evolving diversity within our region that impacts the region's transportation needs. This information can be accessehere on our website.
Lamar Avenue FASTLANE Grant Submitted

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) partnered with the Memphis MPO and submitted a grant application to fund improvements to US-78/Lamar Avenue. The grant is part of the USDOT's FASTLANE program, which has $800 million available for freight related projects throughout the Nation. The Lamar Avenue application is hoping for $180 million, in order to make significant improvements that will help mitigate congestion, safety, and freight issues.

As one of the key freight corridors in the region, Lamar Avenue is a vital link for freight movement throughout the Southeast. This application was the only FASTLANE application submitted by TDOT.

To learn more about the Lamar Avenue FASTLANE Grant submission, visit TDOT's website to view the press release, here.

Additional information about the US-78/Lamar Ave Corridor can be found here.  
MPO Planners on the Move
Education, Outreach & Events

Memphis MPO participated in the following activities during the months of April - June:

4-7: National APA Conference
7: ETC Meeting
11: ATAC Meeting
21-23: Tennessee Bike Summit
25-27: Freight Peer Exchange, Dubuque, Iowa
26: MATA Board Meeting
27: West TN FAC Meeting
28: 2016 Regionsmart ULI Summit
29: TDOT TAP Meeting

5: TPB Meeting
11: Freight Industry Performance Measures Webinar
12: National Performance Measures Webinar
17: CMAQ Overview Process Webinar
19: Detroit Planning Fellows Meeting
23: Routes of Significance Meeting
23: CEDS Steering Committee
24: MATA Board Meeting
26: TN Fuels RRAP Meeting

2: American Community Survey Webinar
10: Advanced American Fact Finder Webinar
21: Mississippi TIP Project Status Meeting
21: Regional Models of Cooperation Webinar
21: Bus Stop Study Public Meeting
22: Bus Stop Study Stakeholder Meetings
22: Shared Mobility Webinar
23: Business and Economic Data Webinar
28 MATA Board Meeting

Upcoming Events for 2016:
August 2: ATAC Meeting
August 4: ETC Meeting
Augsut 25: TPB Meeting
MPO Quarterly Newsletter
Volume VI, Issue V
June 2016
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Mrs. Betty Turner has joined the Memphis MPO as our new Administrative Technician. She has resided in Memphis since the age of four, and is a graduate of the University of Memphis where she received a BPS in Paralegal Studies. Mrs. Turner looks forward to working closely with the MPO staff.
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