Livability 2040 Regional Transportation Plan Now Adopted

The Memphis MPO is excited to announce that the Livability 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) has now been fully adopted and approved. The development of the plan was a two year process that involved review from various government agencies as well as engagement with stakeholders along the way. The plan was ultimately adopted by the Engineering and Technical Committee (ETC) as well as the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) in January of 2016.
Livability 2040 is designed to look ahead, up to the year 2040, in an attempt to guide the decision-making process for the selection and implementation of transportation projects throughout the region. The MPO would like to extend its appreciation to all public/private entities, government bodies, and MPO member agencies that gave their valued input and feedback throughout the process.
To learn more about Livability 2040 and to view the document, click here
Memphis MPO/MATA Bus Stop Study
This March, the Memphis MPO, in partnership with the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA), has kicked off a project to develop the Bus Stop Design and Accessibility Guidelines. The guidelines will include details such as, where to site bus stops in order for them to be safe and accessible, the required dimensions for the stops itself, associated furnishings, and the recommended investment in amenities (i.e. bench, shelter, route schedule and map, etc.).  Evaluation of selected number of existing bus stops will be undertaken, along with engineering plans at the 30% design level to generate cost estimates with each type of bus stop. 

This project builds on the Short Range Transit Plan which was also developed by MATA and the MPO a few years ago. The goal of the guidelines is to have a manual which can be used whenever a new bus stop is installed or an existing bus stop is upgraded. The need for standardized bus stop design has been identified through various forms of public outreach.
The MPO has obtained the services of Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, ACOT Associates GRP, LLC, and HDR Engineering to assist with this project. Look for further information about this project to appear on the MPO's website in the months ahead.
US DOT Announces New TIGER and FASTLANE Grants

The US Department of Transportation has announced that the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) competitive grant program will receive an eighth  round of funding. This 2016 TIGER grant will have $500 million available for capital investments in surface transportation throughout the country. According to the US DOT, "Successful TIGER projects leverage resources, encourage partnership, catalyze investment and growth, fill a critical void in the transportation system or provide a substantial benefit to the nation, region, or metropolitan area in which the project is located." All state and local governments, including MPOs, are eligible to apply for the grant.
For more information about the TIGER funding, visit the US DOT's website, here

The US DOT has also announced funding for the new Fostering Advancements in Shipping and Transportation for the Long-term Achievement of National Efficiencies (FASTLANE) grant program. The program has $800 million authorized for use in fiscal year 2016. 25 percent of those funds will be reserved for rural projects, while 10 percent will be available for small projects. According to US Transportation Secretary Anthony Fox, FASTLANE will provide, "an opportunity to fund high-impact projects that address key challenges affecting the movement of people and freight."
For more information about the FASTLANE grant program, visit the US DOT's website, here
The MPO's 
New Transportation Planners
Zylavian Watley 
Zylavian is thrilled to join the Memphis MPO as a transportation planner. Ms. Watley is a native of Flowood, Mississippi and studied Urban and Regional Planning at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. Her contributions at the MPO will focus on Public Participation, Land Use/Corridor Planning, and the Unified Planning Work Program. Ms. Watley looks forward to helping create and maintain efficient, safe, and successful transportation efforts for the entire Memphis MPO region. 

Roger Ekstrom 
Roger is returning to Memphis after graduate school in city and regional planning and landscape architecture in North Carolina.  His contributions at the MPO will focus on freight planning, congestion management, GIS, and Land Use/ Corridor Planning.  Mr. Ekstrom looks forward to assisting the Memphis region for a strong, effective transportation system while becoming an active citizen in the community.
MPO Planner s on the Move
Education, Outreach & Events

Memphis MPO participated in the following activities during the months of January - March:

January 12: Germantown TIP Public Meeting
January 20: Talking Freight Webinar
January 26: MATA Board Meeting
January 28: Engineering and Technical Committee Meeting
January 28: Transportation Policy Board Meeting

February 3: Statewide IAC Conference Call
February 4: West Memphis Technical Committee
February 10: NPMRDS Quarterly Webinar
February 16: CMAQ Project Tracking System Webinar
February 16: TDOT Strategic Highway Safety Plan Meeting
February 18: Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee Meeting
February 23: MATA Board Meeting
February 25: CHSTP Public Meeting

March 15: FHWA County Pilot Webinar
March 17: FASTLANE Grants Webinar
March 18: TDOT Transit Needs Assessment Study Meeting
March 22: IAC Conference Call

Upcoming Events for 2016:
March 29: MATA Midtown AA Connector Advisory Committee Meeting
March 29: MATA Board Meeting
March 31: Highway Deficiency Analysis Tool Workshop
March 31: Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting
April 3-7: American Planning Association Conference
April 7: Engineering and Technical Committee Meeting
April 11: Active Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting
April 21-22: TN Bike Summit
April 28: RegionSmart 2016 ULI Summit
May 5: Transportation Policy Board Meeting
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Volume VI, Issue IV
March 2016
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