PM1: Safety Performance Management

Safety Performance Management

The FAST Act continues the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) to achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads, including non-State-owned public roads and roads on tribal lands. The HSIP requires a data-driven, strategic approach to improving highway safety on all public roads that focuses on performance.

State DOTs and MPOs are expected to establish and report Safety performance measure targets annually.

For each of the below five performance measures, MPOs can agree to support the State DOT target, or establish their own target specific to the MPO planning area:

  • Total number of traffic related fatalities on all public roads
  • Rate of traffic related fatalities on all public roads per 100 million VMT
  • Total number of traffic related serious injuries on all public roads
  • Rate of traffic related serious injuries on all public roads per 100 million VMT
  • Total number of non-motorized fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads

On November 18, 2021, the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) of the Memphis MPO approved a resolution to support the update to the 4-year target (previously adopted November 19, 2020)  for both the State of Tennessee and Mississippi which are shown in the table below:

  Tennessee (TDOT) Mississippi (MDOT)
Baseline (2016-2020) Target (2018-2022) Baseline (2016-2020) Target (2018-2022)
No. of Fatalities 1091.6 1201.4 686.8 722.8
Fatality Rate 1.367 1.476 1.694 1.810
No. of Serious Injuries 6310.8 5588.6 1452.6 2904.8
Serious Injury Rate 7.910 6.869 3.612 7.300
No. of Non-Motorized Fatalities and Serious Injuries 521.6 534.8 186.2 349.6

By agreeing to support the states’ (Mississippi and Tennessee) HSIP targets, the Memphis MPO agrees to:

  • Work with the states and safety stakeholders to address areas of concern for fatalities or serious injuries within the metropolitan planning area
  • Coordinate with the states and include the safety performance measures and the states’ HSIP targets for those measures in the long-range regional transportation plan (RTP)
  • Integrate into the metropolitan transportation planning process, the safety goals, objectives, performance measures and targets described in other state safety transportation plans and processes such as applicable portions of the HSIP, including the SHSP
  • Include a description in the TIP (Transportation Improvement Program) of the anticipated effect of the TIP toward achieving HSIP targets in the RTP, linking investment priorities in the TIP to those safety targets

Additional Resources

Resolution to Support Safety Performance Measures for the State of Tennessee and the State of Mississippi - as adopted 11.18.21

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MDOT Safety Performance Measures Presentation (2017)

Memphis MPO Performance Measures Presentation (Online Workshop 2018)

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