I-269 TN Regional Vision Plan

Plan Overview

In an effort to help shape future development along the I-269 Corridor in Tennessee, the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) of the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) recommended a study to look at how the jurisdictions along the Tennessee portion of I-269, would like to see the corridor developed. This was accomplished using a visioning and scenario planning process that encouraged citizens and communities to explore and debate regional growth visions, trade-offs, and alternative future scenarios related to the I-269 Corridor in Tennessee. 

The I-269 Tennessee Vision Study examined existing conditions in the communities along the corridor, much of which already exists as Tennessee State Route 385. The MPO also conducted a regional “visioning” process which sought to engage the residents from communities along the corridor and throughout the region on their vision for the future development along I-269. A set of four future development scenarios were then developed to compare the effects of various intensities of development along the corridor.

Finally, the study draws conclusions about the potential for competing, uncontrolled, or unplanned growth along the corridor and provides a set of tools for planners and stakeholders in the region to maximize the potential for economic growth. Follow the link below to view the I-269 Tennessee document, which includes an executive summary in both English and Spanish.

I-269 Tennessee: A Regional Vision Study

Other I-269 Studies

This MPO study for I-269 in Tennessee is one component to the region’s overall planning strategy for the I-69 / I-269 corridor.

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I-269 TN Regional vision plan

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