Poplar Southern Corridor

Poplar Southern Corridor
Poplar southern corridor

The Southern/Poplar Corridor is a major east-west arterial roadway in Shelby County, TN. The corridor plays an important role as a business/transportation corridor for the region and as a result has attracted enormous growth and development along it.

The section of Norfolk Southern railroad being studied follows the Southern/Poplar corridor from the Norfolk Southern rail yard (Forrest Yard) east of East Parkway to the eastern Shelby County boundary.  The increased train traffic on this section is causing interruptions on the north-south arterials along the corridor. This creates a safety hazard, disrupts traffic, including the movement of emergency vehicles, and increases congestion which impacts the air quality and economic vitality along the corridor.

The  study will review all the at-grade crossings with Norfolk Southern railroad east of Forrest Yard, the major north-south roads along the Southern / Poplar corridor, and will develop a plan which will help in improving the north-south major roads while not adversely affecting the flow of east-west traffic adjacent to the railroad.





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