Transportation Improvement Program

Project Status Update

The Memphis MPO’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) includes a number of different project types located across the region.  The local jurisdictions and agencies, state DOTs, and MPO staff, meet on a regular basis to discuss the status of the projects included in the current and past TIPs.  The projects must follow federal and state processes from the initial contract execution through construction. The MPO has developed a new Project Status Updates section on the website, which includes project specific information in a user-friendly format.  

What Is Included

The “Current Projects” tab includes the FY 2023-26 TIP projects and ongoing projects from previous TIP cycles. The projects can be filtered by State (Tennessee or Mississippi), Lead Agency (Local or State Project Sponsor), and the Project Type (Capital, Bridge, Pedestrian and Bicycle, Resurfacing, Signalization, and Other).  Each project includes information such as the year it was started, phase of the project, and a status update or note specific to each project. Local jurisdiction projects were applied for by the sponsoring jurisdiction/agency during the open call for projects application cycles of the TIPs.  

Project Status

From the beginning of the project through construction there are key milestones that projects funded in the TIP must go through, including Contract Execution, NEPA, Design, Right-of-Way, and Construction. Below is a list of the project phases and a description of each.

  • Contract Execution: Project initiation and execution of the contract with TDOT/MDOT.
  • PE-NEPA: Preliminary engineering work fulfilling the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 for approval of the environmental document.
  • PE-Design: Preliminary engineering design work according to accepted engineering practices meeting state and federal regulations.
  • ROW/Utilities: Development of right-of-way plans and property acquisition, temporary and permanent easements, and/or utility relocation, as needed.
  • CONST (Pre. Con): Work by the lead agency and contractor(s) to construction the project.

Legend Example:

The project status update includes the phase that each project is currently in, along with a status note.  The notes are a summary of the status of the projects provided from the project sponsor and are updated on a regular basis, typically quarterly following the project status meetings/updates from the local jurisdictions.

Additional Project Information

The latest FY 2023-26 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), is the official document to reference for additional project information, including the funding, phasing, and other information.  The capital projects typically have a “stand-alone” TIP page and the Bridge, Pedestrian and Bicycle, Resurfacing, and Signalization projects are included within Groupings TIP pages.  The project can be quickly found in the TIP document by searching the TIP #, which is included within each Project Status update. Additionally, the Memphis MPO’s Interactive Webmap provides the project location and other useful information.

Other Projects

In addition to the projects included in the TIP, many of the jurisdictions and agencies have local transportation and maintenance projects funded outside of the TIP.  Below are some examples of online project mapping sites. Additionally, visit the Memphis MPO’s Hyperlinks page for Local Agencies/Jurisdictions Websites on what may be happening in your area!

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