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Going the Distance to Foster Economic Growth

The tri-state Region of the Memphis Metropolitan Area is a major transportation and logistics center, which includes the States of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

This region is home to the world's second largest air-cargo airport, five Class I Railroads, 490 trucking terminals, the nation's fourth-largest inland water port, and 11 Interstate and U.S.-designated highways and 10 NHS Intermodal Connectors. The presence of such major freight facilities and investments has resulted in the region emerging as a national distribution hub with almost 160 million square feet of warehouse space and 42,000 acres of industrial parks.

With such a heavy concentration of freight, it comes as no surprise that freight plays a very important role in the region’s economy, which has been estimated to have the highest share of logistics workers of any metropolitan area in the United States.

Freight Profiles, Plans, and Programs

Regional Freight Plan - Mid-South Freight Flows & Industry Analysis

In the past few years, there have been several freight-related investments that have been made in the Greater Memphis Region. The Mid-South Freight Flows & Industry Analysis,  forecasts future demand for freight and provides a plan to address freight needs and issues in a comprehensive fashion and integrate freight planning into the ongoing multimodal transportation planning process.

View Mid-South Freight Flows & Industry Analysis

Freight Profiles

The Memphis Urban Area Freight Profile inventories the cargo of goods moving to and from our region using Freight Analysis Framework data available from the Federal Highway Administration. The information details the major commodities being moved by each mode of transport as well as the top destinations for each mode.

View Freight Profiles

Freight Stakeholder Survey Report

To better understand the needs of the Memphis MPO regional freight stakeholders, an updated survey was developed to gain insightful understanding on transportation system operations and functionality and COVID-19 impacts on freight in our region. 

2020 Freight Stakeholder Survey

2015 Freight Stakeholder Survey

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