Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) FY 2016 - 2017

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FY 2018-19 UPWP

The FY 2018-19 UPWP was adopted by MPO Transportation Policy Board on August 17, 2017. FY 2018-19 begins October 1, 2017 and ends September 30, 2019, based on the federal fiscal year.

Adopted FY 2018-19 UPWP

FY 2018-19 UPWP Executive Summary

FY 2018-19 UPWP Executive Summary (Spanish)

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) outlines transportation planning priorities and work tasks for the Memphis Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Area for Fiscal Years 2016 - 2017 (FY 2016-17). FY 2016-17 begins October 1, 2015, and ends September 30, 2017, based on the federal fiscal year. The FY 2016-17 UPWP was adopted at the June 25, 2015 Transportation Policy Board (TPB) meeting.

Preparation of the UPWP is required by the federal transportation legislation known as Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), and the Metropolitan Planning Code of Federal Regulations (23CFR 450.308) of the United States Department of Transportation. The UPWP is prepared with cooperation and guidance from federal, state, and local agencies, as well as state & public transportation operators. The various funding sources from which the Memphis MPO receives funding for transportation planning are listed in Section IV: UPWP Funding.

The FY 2017 portion of the FY 2016-17 UPWP, effective October 1, 2016, was adopted by the Transportation Policy Board on August 25, 2016.

FY 2016-17 UPWP (FY 2017 Update) 

FY 2016-17 UPWP Executive Summary 

FY 2016-17 UPWP Executive Summary (Spanish) 

FY 2017 Update Approval Letter






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