Livability 2040: Regional Transportation Plan


The Transportation Policy Board (TPB) of the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) adopted the Livability 2040: Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) on January 28, 2016.  The RTP is a multi-modal transportation plan for the region through the year 2040. Although required by Federal law to be updated a minimum of every four years, the RTP’s planning horizon is 20 years.  For the MPO's Planning Area, all transportation improvements to be funded by the state and federal governments are included in the plan.



The RTP, which is updated every four years is a planning document that assesses the current and projected future demand on the region's transportation system and establishes a fiscally constrained plan of action to guide the development of transportation projects for the next 25 years.  Its preparation involves an integrated planning process that evaluates short term and long term strategies that lead to the development of an integrated multimodal transportation system to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in addressing current and future transportation demand.  The LIVABILITY 2040 Regional Transportation Plan embraces the livability principles to ensure that the planning process cultivates and sustains livable communities.

What is a livable community?

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) defines livable communities as “places where transportation, housing and commercial development investments have been coordinated so that people have access to adequate, affordable and environmentally sustainable travel options.”

The Livability Principles are:

  1. Support existing communities.
  2. Provide more transportation choices.
  3. Promote equitable, affordable housing.
  4. Enhance economic competitiveness.
  5. Coordinate policies and leverage investment.
  6. Value communities and neighborhoods


Livability 2040: Regional Transportation Plan

The RTP is available for viewing and download at the links below. The first link is for the entire document (222 pages), except for the appendices. Due to the file size of 13.4 MB, download times may be slow.

Livabilty 2040: RTP (13.4 MB)

Executive Summary

Executive Summary (Spanish)


For your convenience, the various chapters and sections of the RTP are provided here for individual download.

Livability 2040: Regional Transportation Plan
Cover, Table of Contents, and Lists of Tables and Figures Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Public Participation Chapter 3: Performance-Based Plan Approach
Chapter 4: System Conditions and Investment Needs Chapter 5: Investment Solutions
Chapter 6: Alternative Investment Concept Analysis Chapter 7: Financially Feasible Plan
Chapter 8: Investment Priorities Chapter 9: Plan Performance
Chapter 10: Congestion Management Process Chapter 11: Air Quality



Appendix A: Review of Existing Plans and Studies

Appendix B: Memphis MPO Model Update - Model Estimation and Validation Report

Appendix C: Public Participation

Appendix D - G: Supplemental Pavement and Bridge Information; Projects with Environmental Impacts; Projects with Environmental Justice Area Impacts; Congestion Management Process Analysis Summary Table

Appendix H: Air Quality Conformity Demonstration (Shelby County)

Appendix I: Air Quality Conformity Demonstration (DeSoto County)


Livability 2040 RTP Amendments

TPB Date Amended RTP Pages Fed. Approval
TBD --- ---
TBD --- ---
TBD --- ---


Air Quality Conformity

The Memphis MPO received the Livability 2040: Regional Transportation Plan Air Quality Conformity Determination for Shelby County letter from the Tennessee Division of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in coordination with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Region IV, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region IV, on March 15, 2016. The equivalent letter for DeSoto County was received on March 24, 2016. This determination means that the RTP has been found to be in conformity with Federal air quality regulations by the responsible Federal agencies.

Livability 2040: RTP Conformity Finding Letter (Shelby County)

Livability 2040: RTP Conformity Finding Letter (DeSoto County)


Livability Videos

The livability initiative is supported by local officials throughout the Greater Memphis area. Their views on livability and what it means to them can be seen following the links below:

Livability according to Former Mayors A.C. Wharton (Memphis) & Sharon Goldsworthy (Germantown)

Livability according to Mayor Mark Luttrell (Shelby County) & Supervisor Mark Gardner (Desoto County)

Livability according to Mayor Keith McDonald (Bartlett) and Mayer Rhea (Skip) Taylor (Fayette County)

La habitabilidad de acuerdo a Ex Alcaldes A C Wharton (Memphis) y Sharon Goldsworthy (Germantown)

La habitabilidad de acuerdo a Alcalde Mark Luttrell, Jr (Condado de Shelby, TN) y Supervisor de Mark Gardner (Condado de DeSoto, MS)

La habitabilidad de acuerdo a Alcaldes A. Keith McDonald (Bartlett, TN) y Rhea "Skip" Taylor (Condado de Fayette, TN)


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FHWA’s PlanWorks



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