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The MPO encourages the participation of small and disadvantaged businesses in its contracts for planning studies. Organizations that would like to do business with the MPO will be required to apply for an approved vendor number through the Shelby County’s online vendor registration process. For more information about contracting opportunities, please contact Shelby County’s Purchasing Office at (901) 222-2250 or visit their website for more information.

Current Opportunities

RFQ 16-011-26 Regional Freight Plan for the Memphis Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Request for Qualifications

Proposal Response Cover Sheet

Shelby County Government Vendor Registration Application Instructions

Respondents requesting additional information or clarification are to contact Carla Hayes in writing at

The deadline for submitting questions will be by 12:00 PM, Thursday, December 17, 2015. All responses to the RFQ must be received by Ms. Hayes' office on or before 4:00 PM (Central Time) Monday, December 28, 2015.


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