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Planning and Land Use Advisory Committee Membership & Responsibilities

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In 2014, the MPO’s Transportation Policy Board (TPB) acknowledged the need for a greater analysis of the relationship between land use patterns and transportation behaviors in the region. The link between transportation and land use is firm, yet at times overlooked. The design of a region's transportation network influences its style of development; conversely, land use and development patterns largely determine the demands placed on roads, transit routes, trails, and so on. With this in mind, the TPB approved the formation of the Planning & Land Use Advisory Committee (PLAC).

PLAC's responsibility is to assist the MPO with its transportation-land use analysis and to help guide the update of the land use scenario model. This model will assume a critical role in the development of the Livability 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The first PLAC meeting took place in late July in order to describe the Land Use Model Update process, which is expected to be complete by November 2014. The PLAC will have two more meetings related to the development of the land use scenario model before continuing to meet on a regular basis to better coordinate land use planning and transportation investment in the greater Memphis Area.

For more information about the land use scenario model, please visit the Land Use Model Update page.

To access agendas, presentations and meeting minutes for the Planning and Land Use Advisory Committee, please visit Minutes & Agenda.



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