Engineering & Technical Committee (ETC)

Engineering & Technical Committee Membership & Responsibilities

The Engineering and Technical Committee (ETC) is responsible for advising and assisting the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) by reviewing and making reports on all actions brought before the Board.

The Memphis MPO Coordinator is the Chairperson for the ETC and its membership includes local agency engineers, planners or other designated person who are responsible for planning or implementation of transportation projects within each jurisdiction. The state divisional offices of FHWA, the regional FTA representative, and the West Memphis MPO are ex-officio members.

To access agendas and meeting minutes for the Engineering and Technical Committee, please visit the Minutes & Agendas Webpage.

Engineering and Technical Committee (ETC) Members
Jurisdiction Representative
Memphis MPO Ms. Pragati Srivastava (Chair)
Tennessee DOT Ms. Ashley Owens
Mississippi DOT Mr. Perry Brown
Memphis Area Transit Authority Mr. John Lanscaster
Memphis and Shelby County Port Commission Mr. Randy Richardson
Memphis and Shelby County Airport Commission Mr. James A. Hay
DeSoto County Mississippi Mr. Bennie Hopkins
City of Hernando, MS Mr. Austin Cardosi
City of Horn Lake, MS Mr. Vince Malavasi
City of Olive Branch, MS Mr. Andy Swims
City of Southaven, MS Ms. Whitney Choat-Cook
Town of Walls, MS Mayor Keidron Henderson
Fayette County Tennessee Mr. Jim Atkinson (Interim)
Town of Braden, TN Mayor Chester Cocke
City of Gallaway, TN Mayor Jamie Mayo
Town of Oakland, TN Mr. Ed Courton
City of Piperton, TN Mr. Harvey Matheny
Town of Rossville, TN Mayor Judy Watters
Marshall County Mississippi Mr. Justin Hall
Town of Byhalia, MS Mayor Don Hollingsworth
Shelby County Tennessee Mr. Cliff Norville
Shelby County Tennessee Mr. Darren Sanders
Town of Arlington, TN Mr. Steve Hill
City of Bartlett, TN Mr. John Horne
Town of Collierville, TN Mr. Tim Gwaltney
City of Germantown, TN Mr. Ethan Skaggs
City of Lakeland, TN Ms. Emily Harrell
City of Memphis, TN Mr. Randall Tatum
City of Memphis, TN Mr. Manny Belen
City of Millington, TN Mr. Jason Dixon


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