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The Memphis MPO functions under a committee structure comprised of the Transportation Policy Board (TPB), the Engineering and Technical Committee (ETC), and various advisory committees.

The Memphis MPO Transportation Policy Board (TPB) is composed of the principal elected officials of the governmental jurisdictions participating in the Memphis Urban Area Transportation Planning Process, along with the chairpersons of the major providers of local and regional transportation facilities. For more details and a full list of members, please visit Transportation Policy Board.

The Engineering and Technical Committee (ETC) of the Memphis MPO is responsible for advising and assisting the TPB on matters of planning and engineering. For more details and a full list of members, please visit Engineering and Technical Committee.

MPO Advisory Committees

Please visit the links below for more information on MPO advisory committees.

Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) 

Freight Advisory Committee (FAC)

Planning and Land Use Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Interagency Consultation Committee on Air Quality (IAC)




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